LTE 700 indoor LTE filter: Signal
Cod: R49601
LTE Rejection Filter Signal (indoor)
The Signal LTE700 R49601 filter is used in TV/SAT systems. It is used to filter unwanted signals in the 700 MHz band (694-862 MHz frequencies) intended for data transmission services (LTE). It is recommended particularly for systems using broadband amplifiers covering the full UHF band (up to 862MHz). In such systems, the interference caused by unwanted signals may effectively prevent the reception of DVB-T/T2 digital terrestrial television.

FR LTE R49601 Signal filter chart: blue – attenuation, red – match.

Key features:
  • attenuation of LTE signals (band > 694 MHz).
  • very steep slope of attenuation curve on the band boundary
ProductLTE700 Signal filter
Pass band [MHz]87 – 694
Stop band [MHz]695-1000
Attenuation [dB]87...686 [MHz]< 4
686...694 [MHz]< 6
703...738 [MHz] > 12
738...960 [MHz]> 27
Return loss [dB]< 10
DC pass-throughnone
Operating ambient temperature range [°C]-20...+50
Dimensions [mm]/weight [kg]81x33x17/0.1
LTE 700 indoor LTE filter: Signal
Cod: R49601