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Releu telecomandat ROPAM IO-SimplePLC (prin reţeaua de 220V)
Cod: G7182
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Releu telecomandat ROPAM IO-SimplePLC (prin reţeaua de 220V)
The IO-SimplePLC remotely controlled switches have been designed for use in home/building autonomic automation systems based on Hub-SimplePLC-D4M hubs. The switches are very small and can be mounted in electrical boxes, under AC outlets. The local control can be performed by a push-button or one-pole switch, the state of which is provided to the output of the expander. The system can contain up to eight IO-SimplePLC switches.

SimplePLC is an autonomic building automation system with switches located in various places in the building and controlled with the use of the smartPLC platform. SimplePLC system allows the user to easily create an intelligent lighting control system or to control any electrical devices through input/output expanders or relay outputs of the switches, just employing the existing electrical wiring. The system consists of the Hub-SimplePLC-D4M hub, input/output expanders (EXP-I8-RN-x, EXP-O8-RN-x) and intelligent switches (IO-SimplePLC, IOE-SimplePLC). The communication between the hub and expanders is performed via RopamNET bus, whereas the data exchange between the hub and intelligent switches takes place via the 230 VAC power network. The state of expander inputs is transmitted via the hub and SmartPLC platform to the dispersed IO modules. The state of the inputs of IO modules is provided to outputs of the expander. The IO-SimplePLC modules are equipped with remotely controlled two-state output (10 A / 250 VAC), two-state input (ON/OFF), potential input (N/L), for use with a latching/non-latching switch. The IO-SimplePLC modules can be mounted in typical electrical boxes and are compatible with standard electrical outlets and switches.
  • intelligent building, home automation,
  • electronic intrusion detection systems,
  • remote control of electrical appliances,
  • intelligent lighting systems.
  • locally and remotely controlled switch/relay (potential-free 10A/250VAC contacts),
  • two-state ON/OFF input, N/L potential, for local control by a 230 VAC push-button or single-pole switch,
  • small size (Ø50, h=30mm),
  • small size, mountable in any Ø60 flush-mount electrical outlet box (deep version),
  • smartPLC communication with Hub-SimplePLC hub via the 230 VAC power network,
  • powered with the 250VAC/50Hz power network.
Application diagram:
  • 24 months with possibility of extension for another 24 months.
The conditions for the extension are provided in the included warranty card.
Control unitHub-SimplePLC-D4M
Communications bus 
 230 VAC power network
in Ø60 electrical outlet box (deep version)
Power230 VAC (50Hz)
Dimensions [mm]
Ø50, h=30
Weight0.075 kg


Retras din ofertă
Releu telecomandat ROPAM IO-SimplePLC (prin reţeaua de 220V)
Cod: G7182
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