DIPOL la târgul naţional de securitate SECUREX, 8-11 Aprilie 2014

DIPOL's offer at SECUREX 2014:
A family of ULTIPOWER PoE switches compliant with the 802.3af (max 15.4 W per RJ45 socket) or 802.3at (max 25.5 W per RJ45 socket) standard, with 4 to 24 PoE ports, for 10/100 Mb/s and 1000 Mb/s Ethernet networks.
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4-channel mobile DVRs PROTECT 104 and PROTECT 204, for use in buses, coaches, streetcars/trams, subway/underground, special vehicles. PROTECT 104 record the surveillance video on two SD cards, PROTECT 204 on 2.5" HDD. Special construction of the DVRs ensures increased resistance to vibration and shock.
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Excellent analog and IP cameras from Sunell gained wide recognition among installers and users. This year, the company launched many new models that hit the CCTV market. Their high quality and modern design at a very competitive price attract new customers.
100 000 000 sold cameras means a lot!.
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SIGNAL RACK cabinets are offered in nearly 20 versions, in several kinds: server, standing, hanging, double-section, rail. They are accompanied by a wide range of accessories: shelves, drawers, patch panels, fans etc. The main advantages of the cabinets are robustness, quality materials and ease of assembly.
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Our offer includes a full range of equipment for fiber-optic systems: installation boxes, distribution frames, 19" FTTx panels, waterproof join boxes etc. There is still a strong demand for reliable ULTIMODE media converters being sold for many years now. We also provide installers with certified patch cord made to order according to given specifications - it takes us only two week days to make the orders.
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ULTIPOWER PoE switches
  • support the following standards (depending on model):
    • 802.3af (max load 15.4 W per RJ45 socket)
    • 802.3at (max load 25.5 W per RJ45 socket)
  • support the following data transfers (depending on model):
    • 10/100 Mb/s
    • 1000 Mb/s
  • are equipped with SFP ports
  • support for (PD) PoE devices compliant with IEEE802.3af standard (auto-detection)
  • have from 4 to 24 PoE ports
  • support for auto-learning and auto-aging of MAC addresses
The devices supporting 802.3at standard can power PoE devices requiring more than 15.4 W (802.3af) but less than 25.5 W. This group of devices includes printers, IP PTZ cameras, switches.

16- and 24-port ULTIPOWER PoE switches are quipped with 1000 Mb/s SFP ports. The ports allow for data transfers higher than 100 Mbps (such a banwidth is completely congested e.g. by 24 two-megapixel cameras) via optical links, over distances up to 20 km.
The ULTIPOWER series includes models dedicated for large commercial networks, as well as for home and small office applications (SOHO), where the user can easily power multiple devices from one point (VoiP phone, network printer, access point or router, IP camera).
The use of professional ULTIPOWER PoE switches ensures proper operation of the LAN. Before supplying power to the connected devices, the switches test the lines for correct connections, short circuits, and the load. Thanks to this, the power is provided only when the installation is properly made. These features combined with a two-year manufacturer's warranty give users the guarantee of long-term safe operation.
ULTIPOWER PoE switches - a comparison table
Name 0054af 0094af 0098af 2216af 2224af 0800af 0054at 0098at
Code N29980 N29981 N29982 N29986 N29987 N29995 N29990 N29992
Standard 802.3af 802.3at
Number of RJ-45 10/100 Mb/s ports
5 9 9 16 24   5 9
Number of PoE ports
4 4 8 16 24 8 4 8
Number of  RJ-45 10/100/1000 Mb/s ports
Number of 1000Mb/s SFP ports
      2 (COMBO) 2
Max load per port [W] 15.4 25.5
Manageability No Yes No
Examples of LAN installations powered with ULTIPOWER PoE switches:
PoE Switch ULTIPOWER 0054af N29980
5xRJ45 including 4xPoE 802.3af (15.4 W)
PoE Switch ULTIPOWER 0098at N29992
9xRJ45 including 8xPoE 802.3at (25.5W)

PoE Switch ULTIPOWER 2224af N29987
24xRJ45/PoE-802.3af, 2xRJ45-GbE/2xSFP (COMBO)

Mobile DVRs PROTECT 104 and PROTECT 204
  • Powered from electrical installation of vehicles (9-36 VDC)
  • Recording of:
    • 4 video channels
    • 4 audio channels
    • status of 4 alarm inputs
    • GPS position
    • speed
    • accelerometer data (acceleration/delay, side impact)
  • Storage media
    • PROTECT 104 M80104 - two SD cards, each with max capacity of 128 GB
    • PROTECT 204 M80204 - max 2 TB 2.5" HDD
  • Recording frame of 25 fps
  • Synchronous recording of video, audio and GPS data
  • Route visualization on Google maps
  • H.264 compression
  • Automatic restart of recording after switching on power
  • Recording of coordinates and the speed of the vehicle
  • Support for 4 alarm inputs (e.g. monitoring of the opening of the door to cargo space, opening of fuel filler flap, switching on turn signal, pressing brake pedal etc.)
  • The date and time of the recording, along with the channel number and special tags embedded into the video stream and displayed in the image guarantee originality of the material and strict time ordering.
DIPOL introduces two 4-channel models of mobile DVRs. PROTECT 104 records data on two SD cards, each with max capacity of 128 GB. PROTECT 204 uses for this purpose a 2.5" HDD, with capacity up to 2 TB. Key features of the professional mobile DVRs:
  • very durable construction
  • high quality materials
  • many recorded parameters
  • sensitive GPS module
  • supervision of the cargo by
    • continuous monitoring of the loading area
    • monitoring of the opening of the door to cargo space
PROTECT 104 and 204 are intended for the following types of vehicles:
  • vehicles for driving instruction
  • taxis
  • street cars / trams
  • city buses
  • catches
  • trucks / lorries
  • railway vehicles
Application of a PROTECT mobile DVR in a vehicle for driving instruction:
  • recording images from 4 cameras
    • view from the front of the vehicle
    • view from the rear of the vehicle
    • recording of the driver's actions
    • general view of the interior of the vehicle
  • sound recording
    • outside the vehicle
    • inside the vehicle
  • recording of the states of alarm inputs connected with:
    • turn signals (*2)
    • brake
    • reverse gear
  • recording of
    • route/distance traveled (GPS)
    • speed
    • acceleration
    • impacts/collisions

Sunell cameras
Sunell Technology Corporation is a global provider of CCTV products. The company offers analog and IP cameras, digital/network video recorders, a wide range of CCTV accessories. It sells the products to customers in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia. The sales network of the company covers as many as 81 countries.
The most popular Sunell cameras:
B/W Camera: WL--2301F AI/DC (without lens) - CLEARANCE SALE!
Ceiling Dome Camera: cam 650 (day/night, 650 TVL, D-WDR, Sony Effio-E, 0.01 lx, 2.8-12mm)
Color CCTV Camera: U-cam 110 (box, 420 TVL, Sony Super HAD CCD, 0.8 lx)
Vandal proof camera
Sunell IRC13/40AUVD
Vandal proof cameras
Sunell SN-FXP
M10775, M10780
Compact cameras
Sunell IRC59/21
M11286, M11289
2MP IP Camera: Sunell SN-IPC54/14EDN (box, ONVIF, CMOS, 1080p)
Compact IP Camera Sunell SN-IPR54/14AKDN (2MP/FullHD, Sony Exmor, ONVIF)
Box IP cameras
Sunell SN-IPC54
K1634, K1637
Compact IP cameras
Sony Exmor
Sunell SN-IPR54/14A
K1681, K1685
Vandal proof IP camera
Sony Exmor
Sunell SN-IPV54/14ZDR
Sunell products are characterized by high quality and reliability. The company manufactures the products with the use of modern methods of planning, management and quality control, such as TPS, TQC and TPM. It implemented a quality management system based on ISO 9001 certification and ISO14001 environmental management system. The products have all the necessary certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS and CMA.
Outstanding Customer Award from Sony Corporation, for selling 100 million CCD sensors

SIGNAL RACK cabinets
The elegant and functional RACK cabinets are designed for mounting devices having housings compatible with 19" rack standard (482.6 mm). The height of the devices and auxiliary equipment is standardized as the multiplies of one rack unit ("U" = 1.75" = 44.45 mm). The capacity of a RACK cabinet is determined by its height also given in "U" units. Another important parameter of a RACK cabinet is its depth (external dimension), given in millimeters, e.g. 450 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm. This parameter is especially important for larger devices, such as computers, DVRs. It is important to know the depth of the devices and the necessary space for cabling, in order to choose a suitable cabinet.
SIGNAL RACK cabinet with accessories
Quick configuration of RACK cabinets. Selecting accessories for a RACK cabinet, the user should pay attention to their compatibility with the specific model of the cabinet. Some accessories are dedicated only for concrete models of cabinets, due to the size or mounting method (e.g. fans).
DIPOL e-Store provides a simple tool for selecting appropriate compatible accessories. After choosing the RACK cabinet, e.g. R912018, the user should click on the "Add accessories" tab placed in the right upper corner of the site.
RACK assembly kit (4x screw+washer+nut)
A simple configuration tool for RACK cabinets in DIPOL e-Store
The user gets a list of accessories compatible with the selected RACK cabinet, can look up their descriptions, add any of them to the Cart or Favorites.
We offer the following equipment for 19" RACK system:

Fiber-optic systems
Our offer includes fiber optic cables, devices, and accessories needed for installing complete systems in all kinds of buildings. Easy access cable is specially designed for this purpose. It consists of multiple fibers (e.g. 12, 24, 36 or 48) with 0.9 mm tight buffer coatings, located in LSZH tube. The fibers can be branched directly to individual subscribers without the need for splicing within the riser of the building. They are easily extracted from breaking windows in the gel-free tube. It is possible thanks to the special design of the tube and fibers, with the use of dedicated tools and accessories. Thanks to a special construction of the tube and dedicated stripping tool, it is impossible to break any of the fibers when cutting out windows for drop fibers. The possibility of deeper cutting is eliminated by aramid rods, so the fibers are fully secure.
Trusted quick assembly connectors from ULTIMODE series. Contrary to fears of many installers, optical fiber is now relatively easy to terminate, without the need of buying fusion splicers or hiring subcontractors to perform this work. DIPOL offers high quality and easy to use ULTIMODE quick assembly connectors that provide the same transmission parameters as in the case of connections made in laboratory conditions.

To achieve the results, the designers used a number of modern solutions, including:
  • advanced positioning of the inserted fiber end by V-shaped grooves - the face of the fiber with a diameter of 125 microns is exactly matched with the face of the fiber section integrated into the connector,
  • fiber locking in two points - the exactly matched fiber is blocked at two points, which ensures stability and durability of the connection.
The special construction of the ULTIMODE connectors ensures that a typical installation time is about 30 seconds, most of it needed for the preparation of the fiber end. We offer ULTIMODE fast SC/PC connectors FAST-02SC L5711 and SC/APC connectors FAST-05SC/APC L5712.
Cross-sectional view of a ULTIMODE FAST connector
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