DIPOL la expoziţia de Tehnologii şi Soluţii Mobile: Mobile-IT 27-28 mai, 2014

On May 27-28, 2014, the first edition of Trade Fair of Mobile Solutions and Technologies Mobile-IT was held in Krakow, Poland. The event was aimed at presenting the effective use of mobile IT technology, both in the public and private sectors. High level of the program was maintained by professional institutions, science and research groups together with industry specialists. The main event of the fair was Mobile Trends for Business conference addressed for businesses, marketers and developers.
Ştandul nostru a fost unul dintre cele mai vizitate. Specialiştii dipol au răspuns întrebărilor vizitatorilor
despre echipamentele prezentate şi despre cele din oferta noastră.
Many visitors were interested in the programmable Signal GSM repeater
offering remote monitoring of operating parameters.
On the right - the screen of the laptop running the managing software.
Ca deobicei, starul evenimentului a fost robotul Dipol. Cu noi funcţii - răspunsuri logice la întrebări puse şi răspunsuri la alte situaţii - acesta s-a bucurat de foarte multă atenţie.Robotul a susţinut şi un interview la un post de radio polonez.
On May 27, Mr. Lukasz Kopciuch, engineer from DIPOL, delivered the lecture How to improve GSM signal in difficult environments at the Mobile Trends for Business conference, and another lecture Strengthening cellular signals inside buildings with the use of GSM repeaters at the Mobile-IT trade fair.
Established in 1990, DIPOL company started its activities as a manufacturer of antennas. In the 90s of the twentieth century, we introduced the first NMT antennas in the Polish market. Currently we offer a wide range of antennas and devices for consumer and professional markets, including DVB-T, LTE, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, and WLAN in 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands. The devices that are very appreciated by installers and investors are GSM and 3G repeaters having all the certificates required by the EU. DIPOL many times provided the equipment for large projects of this kind implemented in hotel complexes, factories, underground parking lots, various buildings. Other kinds of DIPOL devices have been used for wireless links in many city surveillance systems in several European countries. The DIPOL's commitment is to provide complete systems, i.e. the active devices, cabling, connectors and other accessories. We help our customers to keep up with the technical progress by regular professional trainings (in 2014, we trained over 400 participants throughout Poland), and by publishing a lot of materials on our websites.
The quick development of mobile networks in Poland is well illustrated in the chart below. Beginning with 2002, the number of landlines did not grow, and since 2004 it has been decreasing. Since the beginning of mobile services in Poland (practically - 1994), mobile telephone networks show continuous growth of the number of users.
DIPOL presented at Mobile-IT:
  • For cellular operators:
Programmable Signal GSM amplifier with remote monitoring of operating parameters. Through the GSM system the administrator can switch on and off the device, select the operating band, set the optimum gain. In addition, the amplifier can send information on the actual parameters. The device can cover an area up to 2000 m2.
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Trans-Data BTS antennas are intended for use at base stations. The antennas from the series launched by DIPOL can be fed with signals with power up to 400 W and tilted with RCU.
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  • For installation companies and end users:
Signal GSM repeaters for rooms from 80 to 1200 m2. The devices meet all the requirements contained in the ETSI 300 609-4 standard, which has been confirmed by tests carried out by the Office of Electronic Communication in Poland. The offer includes amplifiers operating in GSM, EGSM, and 3G networks.
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Antennas for LTE services. Their high quality and competitive price attracts new customers. The offer includes MIMO 2x2 and traditional antennas.
Antennas for CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G and LTE services, with excellent quality and stable parameters. They are avail;able in many versions, with different connectors and the length of antenna cable.
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Wide range of accessories for antenna systems: connectors, adapters, coaxial cables, mounts.
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SIGNAL RACK cabinets make a full range of cabinets for professional equipment. The offer includes server, standing, hanging and double-section cabinets, as well as rack rails and frames, plus many accessories: shelves, drawers, patch panels, fans etc. The main advantages of this offer is the robustness, quality of materials and ease of assembly.
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Programmable GSM repeater/amplifier SIGNAL GSM-1505P
The programmable device Signal GSM-1505P is used to amplify GSM signals in order to enable communication in important places where the GSM coverage does not exist or is insufficient. The examples include tunnels, subway/underground, underground parking lots, extensive corporate buildings, shopping malls etc. The innovative solutions include the ability to remotely change the operating frequency and to cut out signals that could cause interference.
The presented device should be interesting for GSM operators who are looking for the highest quality equipment with the latest solutions for network management and monitoring.
  • Operating frequency range: 880-960 MHz,
  • Monitored parameters: gain, output power, status (ON/OFF),
  • Configuration options: gain, frequency band, status (ON/OFF), alarms (ON/OFF),
  • Compliance with ETSI 300 609-4,
  • AGC, ALC, MGC functions,
  • For covering areas from 600 to 2000 m2,
  • Remote control via GSM modem or local via USB interface.
Signal GSM-1505P - specifications:
  Uplink Downlink
Operating frequency range [MHz] 880-915 925-960
Gain [dB] <65 <70
Max output power [dBm] 15 20
Max bandwidth [MHz] 35 35
MGC [dB] <31 (1 dB step)
ALC [dB] <20
Max gain ripple [dB] <8
Max delay [ μs] 5
Max intermodulation distortion [dB] 9 kHz - 1 GHz <-36 <-20
1 GHz - 12.75 GHz <-30 <-20
Spurious emissions [dB] 9 kHz - 1 GHz <-36 <-20
1 GHz - 12,75 GHz <-30 <-20
Administration functions:
Local control
USB port
Remote control
GSM modem
Configurable parameters Gain, frequency band, status (ON/OFF), alarms (ON/OFF),
Monitored parameters Gain, frequency band, status (ON/OFF), alarms (ON/OFF), output power
Alarms Power supply abnormality, ALC, 
improper operation of the amplifier,
exceeded allowable temperature of the amplifier,
to high output level, modem communication problems

Antene BTS Trans-Data
BTS antennas make a new line of TRANS-DATA professional devices intended for cellular operators. Thanks to cross-polarization construction (X-pol), the antennas are ideally suited for use at base stations. They are equipped with solid and stable brackets, however allowing for easy adjustment. The housings of the antennas are made of UPVC or laminated glass fiber.
Din serie vor face parte antene singleband (GSM) şi dual-band (DCS+3G).
Trans-Data BTS 1721T

Antenă pentru benzile DCS şi WCDMA cu câştig de 17 dBi gain şi o deschidere orizontală de 60°. Aplecarea antenei poate fi reglată de la distanţă cu ajutorul unui RCU într-o gamă de 0° - 15°.
Trans-Data BTS 0809Q

Antena este proiectată pentru benzile GSM+EGSM (806-960 MHz) şi au un câştig de 12 dBi. Avantajele acestei antene sunt date de raportul faţă/spate foarte bun (25 dB) şi de puterea maximă admisă de 400 W. Antenele BTS Trans-Data pot funcţiona la temperaturi de -40°C la +50° C. Fiecare antenă este testată individual.

Signal GSM and 3G repeaters/amplifiers
Tests conducted in November 2010 by Centralne Laboratorium Badan Technicznych (Central Laboratory of Technical Research), at the request of the Office of Electronic Communications in Poland, confirmed that SIGNAL GSM repeaters meet the requirements of PN-ETSI EN 300 609-4 v.8.0.2:2005 standard in the scope: spurious emissions, transmitter intermodulation attenuation, gain outside the operating band. Since then, SIGNAL repeaters have been seen as top-level devices of this category in the European market.
Repeater GSM SIGNAL GSM-305 300m2
Repeater GSM SIGNAL GSM-505 500m2
Repeater GSM SIGNAL GSM-1205 1200m2
Repeater GSM Signal GSM-305 A6765
Repeater GSM Signal GSM-505 A6775
Repeater GSM Signal GSM-1205 A6785
Amplificator/repeater 3G Signal 3G-505
Repeater 3G Signal 3G-505 A67105
Distinguishing features and technical specifications:
  • Support for GSM+EGSM or 3G networks;
  • AGC (ALC) - automatic gain/level control;
  • MGC - manual gain control (attenuator);
  • Gain suitable for the coverage area;
  • Indoor coverage area from 300 do 1200 m2;
  • Easy installation (Plug and Play);
  • Max gain from 60 to 75 dB;
  • Max output power from 10 to 20 dBm.
Name Repeater SIGNAL GSM-305 Repeater SIGNAL GSM-505 Repeater SIGNAL GSM-1205
Code A6765 A6775 A6785
Operating frequency range [MHz] 880-915 
Max output power [dBm] 10 15 20
Gain [dB] UP/DL 60/60 65/65 70/70
Max delay [ μs] 0.5 0.5 0.5
Manually selectable attenuation at input [dB] 0-31
(step 1)
(step 1)
(step 1)
AGC range [dB] up to 20 up to 20 up to 20
Indoor coverage area [m2] 300 500 1200
Impedance [Ω] 50 50 50
(ETSI 300 609 -4)
(ETSI 300 609 -4)
(ETSI 300 609 -4)
Dimensions [mm] 218x155x65 218x155x65 218x155x65
Antenna connectors (for outdoor/indoor antenna) N-f/N-f N-f/N-f N-f/N-f

LTE antennas
TRANS-DATA is a brand of high quality antennas for wireless reception and transmission of digital data. Thanks to high quality materials and very good performance, the antennas are characterized reliable and stable parameters.
The most popular LTE antennas:
Antenă LTE TRANS-DATA LTE KYZ 7.5/8/10

GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G antennas
Antena GSM yagi ATK 10/850-960 MHz (10 elementi, cablu 10m, FME mamă)
Antena yagi GSM ATK 20 (20 elementi, 10m RF240, FME)
Antenă GSM/LTE/3G ATK-LOG (cablu 5m, FME mamă)
Antena GSM/3G: TRANS-DATA KYZ8.2/9.5

Accessories and hardware for antenna systems
In our offer everyone will find accessories and hardware needed to implement a complete antenna system:
  • Antenna connectors
  • Adapters
  • Coaxial cables
  • Lightning protectors
  • Antenna mounts
  • Masts
  • GSM splitters
  • Antenna taps
  • Housings, boxes
  • Tools

Signal RACK cabinets
To ensure the highest standards of telecommunication networks being installed in buildings in the period of expansion and major technology changes, DIPOL has introduced high quality RACK cabinets of SIGNAL series plus a range of accessories needed for placing TV/SAT, CCTV, LAN equipment. The application of the cabinets dedicated for the equipment increases reliability of the building systems.
Our offer also includes cabinets for server rooms and double-section cabinets.