DIPOL at Securex trade fair in Poznan, Poland,
April 26-29, 2010

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Virtual DIPOL's stand at Securex trade fair
Products awarded with Gold Medal
at Securex 2010
IR illuminator: Redbeam IRD60 (180 degrees)
IR illuminator: Redbeam IRD120 (180 degrees)
Ceiling-mounted IR illuminator
60 m2 180o
Ceiling-mounted IR illuminator
120 m2 180o
IR illuminator: Redbeam IR40
IR illuminator: Redbeam IR40
Spot IR illuminator
Redbeam - 40 m
Spot IR illuminator
Redbeam - 80 m
Gold Medal of Securex for Redbeam IR illuminators
IR illuminators of Redbeam series are modern devices for providing homogeneous IR light in the monitored area in order to enable CCTV cameras to capture images in low-light or no-light environments. The advantage of the series is application of specially designed LED matrix (instead of a conventional set of diodes) which, together with optical lens/es, ensures desired operational angle and distance.
Other new products
IP Camera AVIOSYS 9070 CS
Megapixel network camera: PIXORD P600E (2.0 Mpx, H.264, PoE)
IP camera: AVIOSYS 9070 CS
HD 720P, CNT
IP camera PIXORD
2.0 Mpx, H.264, PoE
Wireless megapixel network camera: PIXORD P606W<br /> (2.0 Mpx, H.264, IR)
Day/Night Camera Redbeam IC40 (w. double IR illuminator)
Wireless IP camera PIXORD
2.0 Mpx, H.264, IR
Day/night camera Redbeam
45o, 40 m, IR
Ethernet Media Converter: ULTIMODE M-100G/SFP
SFP Transceiver: ULTIMODE SFP-203G (two single-mode fibers up to 20 km)
Media converter: ULTIMODE
SFP slot, IEEE 802.3z, 1000Base-FX
SFP transceiver: ULTIMODE SFP-203G
1.25 Gb/s, 20 km
Ethernet Media Converter M-023G (1 Gb/s, for two multimode fibers up to 2 km)
Network DVR: HIKVISION/ULTIMAX DS-8116HFI-S H.264 (16-ch.)
Media converter: ULTIMODE M023G
1 Gb/s, 2 km
H.264, 16-ch., 25 fps
DIPOL presented a comprehensive range of compatible CCTV devices, managing software and transmission means, all based on the ULTIMONITORING concept.
Wireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 423KCWireless Access Point: ULTIAIR 323KCEthernet Media Converter ULTIMODE M-207M<br />(one single-mode fiber up to 20 km)Network DVR: ULTIMAX-204 (H.264, 4 channels)IP Camera ULTICAM DS-852MF-E (2.0 Mpix)H.264 IP Camera: ULTICAM DS-2CD892PFSoftware Package: ULTISYSTEM (32 channels)Ethernet Media Converter ULTIMODE M-207M<br />(one single-mode fiber up to 20 km)
Modern CCTV systems require full compatibility of equipment - relating to telecommunications, video processing and IT solutions. The devices that make up ULTIMONITORING platform are carefully selected to meet the requirements.
ULTIMONITORING - compatibility is the key
ULTIMONITORING - concept of the selection of hardware, software and transmission methods, allowing for the construction of modern CCTV systems.
Tvrdosin in Slovakia - the sign of a new trend in video surveillance
Tvrdosin in Slovakia - the sign of a new trend in video surveillance
ULTIMONITORING in Tvrdosin, Slovakia:
application of megapixel cameras and wireless transmission
Megapixel cameras from ULTIMONITORING platform
allowed to identify the perpetrators of an assault and murder
ULTISYSTEM - a unique solution in the world allowing to integrate local CCTV systems with city surveillance, with the use of integrated managing software. It cooperates with megapixel cameras which are the basis of modern video surveillance systems.
HIKVISION / ULTIMAX - is a group of the latest 3rd generation digital video recorders, awarded with the Gold Medal of Intertelecom. They use the most efficient H.264 compression. Thanks to modern processors and own operating system (RTOS), they implement the most advanced IT solutions, economically use hard drives of virtually unlimited storage capacity, effectively work in TCP/IP networks.
ULTICAM - high-quality megapixel cameras, proven in many installations worldwide. They cooperate with ULTISYSTEM and all popular IP CCTV managing software. ULTICAM cameras use the newest image sensors, H.264 compression and are compatible with global standards (ONVIF, PSIA).
ULTIAIR - a family of professional Access Points, designed for efficient long-term outdoor operation. Integration of the transceiver and antenna into one weather-resistant housing enables the installer to perform the job quickly, without additional operations. The devices have been designed for creating efficient wireless IP CCTV and ISP networks.
ULTINET - video servers allowing for processing of analog video signals transmitted through coaxial cables into compressed digital video streams transmitted over the Ethernet network. ULTINET video servers use H.264 compression.
ULTIMODE - fiber optic equipment for long distance signal transmission. The offer includes video converters, Ethernet media converters, pigtails, patchcords, optical connectors etc.
"ULTIMONITORING of cities." Building an extensive video surveillance systems, such as city monitoring, one should use proven system solutions. Many installers have bad experiences with devices that operate properly as individual units but have problems to communicate with other equipment. Therefore, only advanced and tested solutions can ensure proper operation of the system.
Megapixel video surveillance system<br />at Plac Nowy square in Krakow
Megapixel video surveillance system<br />at Plac Nowy square in Krakow
Video surveillance of Nowy Plac (New Square) in Krakow, based on ULTIMONITORING equipment