DIPOL at SatKrak 2009 - award for TERRA multiswitches

SAT KRAK 2009 - the exhibition and the accompanying conferences were held in Krakow,
from October 15 to 17, 2009.
DIPOL's stand
At SatKrak exhibition there were granted annual awards for the best products of the year. The voting included the votes of Internet users. The Best Product in multiswitch category became TERRA multiswitches, professional-grade equipment.
DIPOL company showed:
  • TERRA multiswitches
  • ULTIMODE and TERRA fiber optics equipment
  • Signal GSM repeaters
  • Monako LCD/plasma mounts
  • compression connectors
TERRA multiswitches
The Best Product in multiswitch category became TERRA multiswitches
Distinguishing features:
  • best on the market and stable error rate for SAT signal modulation (MER) and perfect separation between inputs and between outputs (> 30 dB)
  • smoothly adjustable gain, depending on the output, -3 to +3 dB (terrestrial TV) and 1 to 8 dB (SAT TV)
  • high maximum output levels (93 dB - SAT TV, 91 dB - terrestrial TV)
  • low power consumption: 4 W without external devices, 30 W max
  • possibility of building SMATV systems up to 320 outlets
TERRA multiswitches feature high quality and reliability. They are the best choice both in the case of small and large SMATV systems. Highest quality workmanship and carefully selected components make the multiswitches fully professional equipment. Thanks to very rigorous quality control the multiswitches are virtually trouble-free.
The manufacturer provides not only the highest quality equipment, but also offers free SatNet program, allowing easy and error-free designing of even most advanced installations. This way the customer is sure that the installation will be the optimal solution.
ULTIMODE and TERRA fiber optics equipment
We presented media and video converters of ULTIMODE series - our new offer.
Video converters and Ethernet media converters are used mainly in places where it is necessary to send signals over long distances and in areas exposed to harsh weather conditions and electromagnetic interference. Optical fibers provide full electrical insulation and resistance to interference.
  • Video converters are used mainly in CCTV systems. Based on modern technology, they transmit video channels, data, audio and alarm by a single fiber. Thanks to low attenuation, the signals transmitted from analog cameras with the use of ULTIMODE converters can be set over distances up to 20 km, without a need of regeneration. An example is the L2423 device.
  • Ethernet media converters transmit Ethernet data streams via one or two optical fibers. Media converters are primarily used to connect building LANs (e.g. of scattered buildings of one corporation). The decisive advantages of optical media converters are high transfer capacity of a single fiber and no risk of information leakage. The maximum distance of transmission with the use of ULTIMODE media converters is 40 km. An example is the L11041 device.
We also showed fiber optic transmission equipment designed for professional TV distribution systems - from TERRA company. Large attenuation of coaxial cables does not allow to build SMATV/MATV distribution systems over distances above 1000 m. The solution of the problem is the use of optical transmission systems in 1310 nm window. In this window, the attenuation of optical fibers is 0.34 dB / km, which allows to transmit signals up to 40 km. Optical transmitter MOS-211A R81720 converts electrical input signals (RF) into modulated light for transmission over single-mode optical fiber. This transmitter cooperates with OD-200P R81722 optical node.

Optical Node TERRA OD-200P
Optical node R81722
GSM repeaters
Signal GSM repeaters are used to strengthen GSM signals and "inject" them inside buildings. The devices are perfect for places where the signals outside a building have a decent level suitable for conversations, but inside the building they are insufficient for normal operation.
Examples of applications are places located far from base stations or buildings with thick walls, cellars etc, or even modern buildings based on steel structures, with glass windows covered with metallic compounds.
GSM Antenna: ATK 20/850-960 MHz<br />(20-element, 10m cable, N-male)GSM Repeater Signal GSM-300GSM Indoor Omnidirectional Antenna<br />(for GSM repeaters) Three-way GSM SplitterGSM Indoor Omnidirectional Antenna<br />(for GSM repeaters) GSM Indoor Omnidirectional Antenna<br />(for GSM repeaters)
Installation of GSM repeater in a shop floor
Signal GSM-80 A6740
Signal GSM-300 A6760
Distinguishing features:
  • Support for GSM cellular phones (890-960 MHz)
  • Indoor coverage area: 80 m2 - A6740, 300 m2 - A6760
  • Easy installation (Plug and Play)
  • Auto gain control
LCD mounts
DIPOL demonstrated large family of Monako mounts for modern LCD/plasma panels. We offer a wide range of brackets for mounting LCD monitors and plasma TVs on a wall or ceiling, adjustable vertically, horizontally or with fixed position - depending on the model. If you're looking for a solution to mount a projector on a ceiling or wall, we also offer such products.
Compression connectors
Connectors are the part of transmission path which do not have significant impact on the cost of an antenna installation, but are crucial to signal quality, labor intensity, and reliability of the system. Poorly chosen or low-quality connectors may cause a significant drop in signal level, and may also pick up interference. So it is important to use high-quality connectors. The important parameter is voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), indicating how much of the power of the signal is reflected back to the source of signal. In the case of satellite IF the parameter should not exceed 1.5. Screening efficiency describes suppression capability of the connector as regards external interferences. For brand-name connectors its value is above 70 dB. It is especially important in multiswitch systems. In professional applications there are usually used compression connectors, much quicker to mount, better shielded, and much more reliable.
Professional F-connector: Platinum (on TRISET-113)
Compression F Connector PCT<br />(for CAMSET/RG-59 cables)
Compression F Connector: PCT DRS-11QP (for TRISET-11)
Professional F connector
for TRISET-113
Professional F connector
for RG-59
Professional F connector
for TRISET-11
We were giving presentations how to compress professional connectors

DIPOL company seminars conducted during the event
Oct. 15, 2009
10:15 - 11:00 "Designing SMATV systems based on the latest generation of multiswitches"
14:00 - 15:00 "Low GSM signal? Install GSM repeater"

Oct. 16, 2009
10:15 - 11:00 "Principles of designing antenna systems"
14:00 - 15:00 "Low GSM signal? Install GSM repeater"