DIPOL at SatKrak 2007: October 18-20, 2007, Krakow, POLAND

The SatKrak prize for TRISET cables. We are glad to inform you that the TRISET family of coaxial cables gained the "Product of the Year" award. During a gala event, there were given several awards in various areas of satellite technology.
The "Product of the Year" prize, given by the editor-in-chief of "Satkurier", is picked up by Tadeusz Szydlowski from DIPOL.
Set of satellite dishes at the entrance to the exhibition pavilion
The DIPOL's stand
Demonstration of crimping connectors of Platinum
The stand of Profan company, the distributor of Topfield receivers
Technisat presented satellite and terrestrial receivers for reception of HD broadcasts
Ferguson family of receivers is number 1 in terms of sales volume
Traditional televisions are a thing of the past - one of the posters (by Polsat)
Lectures and panel discussions are the good tradition of SatKrak - the lecture organized by DIPOL
The newest Polish satellite platform - n - displays quite well
"Multimedia Home" - the guideline of DIPOL's exposition at SatKrak.
  • we showed active devices, cables and other equipment needed for making universal cabling system in Multimedia Home,
  • we made available diagrams and technical descriptions of proven installations,
  • the lectures enabled the participants to get information on the principles of designing and implementing modern communications installations,
  • separate lecture addressed to technicians focused on the aspects of the cabling that are important for further development of installations in response to new needs of customers (possibility of implementing additional functions just through using next active devices)
"Don't take everything at face value until you measure it." - Signal measurements.
Knowing parameters of available signals one can properly design antenna installation. Most of the parameters can be measured with selective level meters. The measurements are not a waste of time but absolute necessity. They have to be performed at every stage of installation work - the measurements will allow to verify the layout and calculations, and solve any problems (to find out the faults, both in the design, and practical implementation). The final tests will allow to assess quality of the installation.

The signal level meter TM-3000 R10502 for measuring the strength of FM/TV signals, intended for everyone whose everyday job involves installation of antenna systems.
Satellite signal meter: HORIZON (BER &HDSM V2 identification) R10811, designed for SAT TV installers.
"Solid roots of luxuriant flowers" - Cabling.
The layout and kind of the cabling determines potential of the installation. Inadequate cables and design make the future retrofitting of the system extremely expensive, so this element of the installation requires specialized professional skills.

"Signal to the Sejm (Polish Parliament)" - Connectors and passive components.
Passive components: splitters, taps, and outlets of Signal have been used for making RF installation in the seat of the Sejm. High performance, low variation of parameters and their stability, enable the installer to be sure that installation work will go smoothly, and the result will satisfy the customer.
Connectors are the part of transmission path which do not have significant impact on the cost of an installation, but are crucial to signal quality, labor intensity, and reliability of the system. Problems at startup of an installation are often caused by improperly mounted or bad connectors.

Professional F connector on TRISET-113 coax (E80274)
4-way TV / FM Splitter - Signal R-4
Subscriber terminal outlet - Signal TV-FM-SAT / RJ-45 / RJ-11
TV-Sat surge protector - SIGNAL R48602 (F-plug/ F-socket)
"Pure energy"- Amplifiers.
The final result expected from antenna installation is clear signal with proper level. The quality of signals to a major extent depends on proper choice of amplifiers. Maximum output level (it shows the resistance to overdriving), noise level, and selectivity (band, channel amplifiers) are the main parameters influencing overall quality of the system. We showed antenna amplifiers from AMS, Alcad, and Terra.

Channel amplifier Alcad ZG-401 (pre-tuned to desired channel)
VHF/UHF amplifier Terra HS-013
Indoor antenna amplifier AWS-1141 SilverLine (B11683)
"Perfect signal" - End devices.
All the cabling is to provide signals to modern and reliable end devices. There is a variety of such devices on the market - we offer quality satellite receivers, CCTV cameras and DVRs, WLAN devices.
Alcad head station
DVB-S receiver FERGUSON HF-8800 HD (A99359)
ALCAD headend station.
TV modulator Signal R95175 - Digital Classic (ch. 21-69, PAL G)
DVR P5416 PIXORD 16-in (LAN interface).
"Multimedia home" concept
"Multimedia home" means fully equipped and comfort modern house or apartment. To enable the residents to use all available communication technologies, the designer has to incorporate modern solutions making the cabling an integral part of the house/building.
The design of the installation should envisage application of various receiving devices that may be freely chosen by the users suitably to their needs, and which can be "updated" in the future as the technology advances. Building a house today, we must have foresight into the future, as far as possible.
Functions of cabling Modern cabling should guarantee access to variety of services, including:
  • television: terrestrial (analog &digital), cable, and satellite TV
  • telephone
  • Internet
  • CCTV monitoring
Properly designed and implemented cabling enables the user to add next devices any moment, without a need of putting additional cables in the installation and plaster work. An example of system compliant with Multimedia Home concept is SignalNet.

SignalNET is based on two-stage implementation. The first stage comprises installation work (cabling), the second - implementation of active devices at the moment it is needed.

SignalNET system is provided with set of the rules and instructions needed for implementing optimal cabling, as well as list of well-tried materials and pieces of equipment: cables, outlets, antennas, RF amplifiers, receivers, CCTV cameras etc.
"Multimedia Home" - the installations" Below - interactive presentation of the installations. Click on the kind of the installation on the right to watch the diagram and the equipment needed.
Modern cabling allows not only to provide RF signals (FM,TV, TV SAT), but also makes a platform for many additional services possible due to electronic technology advances, providing the necessities and comforts of life:
  • security: door entry system, video monitoring
  • entertainment: RF installation, computer network
  • communication: telephone, computer network
  • convenience: control of house appliances
The cabling system SignalNET takes the long view, providing new possibilities:
  • opening the gate/front door with phone handset
  • viewing images from video entry system and CCTV camera/s on TV screen
  • watching video (e.g. DivX and Internet video content) from a computer on TV screen