We are pleased to inform that we received the award for the "Best Product of the Year 2008" in the category "SMATV systems" - for TERRA headend distributed by DIPOL.
The ceremony of presenting the "Best Product of the Year" award
to Ms. Virgilijus Repecka from TERRA and Mr. Tadeusz Szydlowski from DIPOL
A short account of DIPOL's participation in this year's edition of the trade fair:
A comment of Mr. Tadeusz Szydlowski from DIPOL
on the offers presented at the exhibition:


Sat Krak 2008 was exceptionally interesting. It focused on the newest receiving technology and broadcasting industry in the biggest television market in Central and Eastern Europe, which is Poland. Among the exhibitors there were leading manufacturers and distributors of receiving equipment from Poland and abroad, and all operators of digital platforms.

The common opinion was that digital terrestrial television is still a small niche of the market, and the mainstream distribution of digital programs sticks to satellite technology.

There is no doubt that the most important and popular solution for SMATV systems is multiswitch installation. It will be preferred by customers next year, too. DIPOL goes a step further - due to the highest quality of the offered equipment it can move beyond standards and provide multiswitch systems for hundreds of subscribers, still based on single master antennas/dishes.

Another solution for distributing satellite broadcasts - headend - has also achieved a new functionality, not available in the market before. TERRA headend, recognized as the "Best Product of the Year", enables the operator to manage the system in a new way. After installing the headend, the setup of the device can be performed via the Internet. The operator can remotely control the headend, configure the channels, change the set of received programs, or even upgrade the software. It saves a lot of time and allows to operate a large and flexible distribution network with unprecedented ease.


Multimedia home
It was the guideline of DIPOL exposition at SatKrak 2008 trade fair (October 16-18, Krakow, Poland). The idea for designing and implementing structural cabling combines all modern services needed by the residents of modern homes. The solutions are suitable both for one-family and multi-family houses.
We showed 3 categories of products:

  • Headend - distribution of satellite channels
  • TERRA multiswitches and software for installers (SatNet)
  • TRISET, CAMSET, NETSET - transmission cables of highest quality
Digital modular headend TERRA

Compact headend solution MMH-3000 for reception of DVB-S and DVB-T programs for analog redistribution in SMATV and small CATV networks, e.g. in hotels, boarding houses, multi-family houses, housing developments. Thanks to vestigial side band modulators it allows to utilize adjacent channels. The base unit of the MMH-3000 headend can be installed in a standard 19" rack.

TERRA headend components:
  • UC-380 R81700 - Base Unit (with power supply)
  • RD-313C R81710 - QPSK CI Receiver RD-313C
  • DM-313 R81712 - MPEG-2 TS Decoder/VSB Modulator
  • MT-310 R81708 - VSB Modulator
  • UD-104 R81704 - Data bus/USB interface
  • PCS-200 R81716 - Remote Control Interface
  • CMH Master R81706 - CMH-Master application software
  • Terra Link - free, limited version of CMH Master
    Main features:
    • possibility of receiving a number of encrypted programs with a single card
    • PC-controlled and programmed
    • manageable via the Internet
    • Master - Slave technology
    • access to the system log (events)
    • possibility of SMS alarms (via PC GSM terminal)
    • graphical representation of adjusted parameters
    • VSB modulators
    • detailed user manuals (assembling, programming, diagnostics) in English, Lithuanian, and Polish
    • 2-year warranty
    • competitive price
TERRA multiswitches supported by the software for network design:

TERRA multiswitches allow to build systems up to 200 outlets. More on multiswitch systems here.
SatNet software:

SatNet 1.0 is a comprehensive software pack for designing SMATV systems based on TERRA multiswitches. It saves a lot of time of the installer - typically instead of 12 hours needed for designing a system with 150 outlets, the calculations with this application take only ca 2 hours. SatNet enables the installer to perform a series of simulations that allow to optimize the design.
The participants of the accompanying courses were given the SatNet program for free.
The software enables the installer to perform calculations for every single outlet. The program takes into account satellite signal parameters in a specific location, kind of LNB, dish size, kind of cables, kind of multiswitches. The results are available in the form of charts, within the whole band, for each outlet.
    High-performance transmission cables from TRISET, CAMSET, NETSET series
TRISET - The best signal distribution cables in the market
Main features:
  • low loss,
  • perfect matching,
  • high screening efficiency.
RoHS compliance declaration.
Signal distribution cables:
Cablu coaxial satelit trishield TRISET-113 1.13/4.8/6.8 [1m]
E1015 - 75 ohm coaxial cable TRISET-113 1.13/4.8/6.8
Cablu coaxial satelit TRISET-113 PE (de exterior, cu gel, 75 ohmi) [1m]
E1017 - 75 ohm coaxial cable TRISET-113 PE gel-filled
Cablu Coaxial Triset-113 HF 1.13/4.8/6.8 (100m, 75 ohmi)
E1019 - 75 ohm coaxial cable TRISET-113 HF 1.13/4.8/6.8, for use in public space: schools, hospitals, theaters etc. - in the case of a fire it does not give off toxic fumes
Trunk coaxial cables:
Cablu Coaxial RG11 Triset-11 PE 1.65/7.2/10 (izolat cu gel) [100m]
E1025 - 75 ohm coaxial cable TRISET-11 PE 1.65/7.2/10 (gel-filled)
Cablu Coaxial RG11 Triset-11 HF 1.65/7.2/10 -100m
E1027 - 75 ohm coaxial cable TRISET-11 HF 1.65/7.2/10
Cablu Coaxial (75 ohm): TRISET-11 PE Cu 1.65/7.2/10 [100m]
E1029 - 75 ohm coaxial cable TRISET-11 PE Total Cu 1.65/7.2/10
Due to high parameters (low loss and perfect matching) the cables can be used in large and very large antenna and cable TV systems.

Thanks to high screening efficiency they are also recommended for multiswitch systems where several cables are bundled together.
CAMSET and NETSET cables:
This new range of professional cables includes CAMSET cables for CCTV and NETSET UTP cables for data transmission.
===CAMSET cables have excellent parameters and are produced under strict technological discipline. They guarantee perfect and stable video transmission in CCTV systems.The production of the cables has been initiated by DIPOL, according to strict guidelines for the project performed by a group of engineers from a renown European cable plant.
Highest-quality materials, strict technological discipline, 92% copper braid coverage ensure perfect transmission parameters, especially effective electromagnetic shielding. CAMSET cables come with a 6-year warranty that eliminates any risk for the installation company or end user. The power wires have been certified for use at 230VAC.===
Cablu CCTV: CAMSET solo 75-0.59/3.7 [1m](ecranare Cu acoperire 92%)
M6000 - CCTV cable CAMSET solo 75-0.59/3.7 has 92% braid coverage
Cablu CCTV: CAMSET 50 75-0.59/3.7+2x0.50 [1m](acoperire ecranare 92%, 2 fire alimentare 230V)
M6050 - CCTV cable CAMSET 50 75-0.59/3.7+2x0.50
(92% braid coverage, 2 power cables up to 230V AC)
Cablu coaxial + alimentare RG59+2x1.0 (complet Cu, izolaţie 230 V) [1m]
M6100 - CCTV cable CAMSET 50 75-0.59/3.7+2x1.0
(92% braid coverage, 2 power cables up to 230V AC)
NETSET products are twisted-pair UTP cat. 5e cables with guaranteed transmission parameters. They also come with a 6-year warranty.
Strict technological discipline includes continuous measurements of all parameters. The cables fulfill all requirements for cat 5e with a large safety margin.
Cablu UTP 24 AWG NETSET Cat5e de interior [1m]
E1408 - NETSET UTP 5e cable for indoor applications
Cablu UTP de exterior Cat5e NETSET UTPw (cu gel, negru) [1m]
E1410 - Cat 5 UTP cable NETSET UTPw 5e
(outdoor - gel-filled, black)
During the SAT KRAK 2008, DIPOL organized lectures on:

  • Concepts of building large multiswitch systems
  • SatNet - program for designing large multiswitch systems
  • Satellite systems in hotels and boardinghouses, based on TERRA headend
Plenary lectures and discussion panels are a good tradition at SAT KRAK -
one of the lectures organized by DIPOL
This year DIPOL brought four products to the annual competition
for the "Product of the Year" prize of SAT KRAK,
in 3 categories:

1. The best component of SMATV system - TERRA headend.
2. The best multiswitch - TERRA multiswitches with SatNet utility.
3. The best cable - Triset 113 and Triset 113 HF.
Last year the "Product of the Year" became the family of TRISET cables.
SatKrak 2007 - the "Product of the Year" prize, given by Mr. Janusz Sulisz, the editor-in-chief of "Satkurier",
is picked up by Mr. Tadeusz Szydlowski from DIPOL