DIPOL at Energetab 2011 - Bielsko-Biala, Poland, Sept. 13-15

Forget about connectivity problems
There is a growing importance of remote management, control and monitoring of various facilities.

It increases the significance of transmission quality, - considering both the transfer rates and reliability.

DIPOL prepared an offer employing the leading technologies of wired and wireless transmission.

Visualization of the DIPOL's stand at Energotab
Improving the quality of wireless transmission - GSM, 3G, CDMA
Signal repeaters (amplifiers) - a family of proven quality equipment, designed to provide high-quality cellular connectivity in the toughest conditions (underground space, buildings constructed of steel and concrete, etc).

We offer equipment for the following technologies:
  • GSM+EGSM (voice connections, Internet)
  • 3G (voice connections, Internet)
  • CDMA (Internet)
The devices are available in two versions:
  • broadband - for signals of all operators in an area,
  • channel - for the signal of a chosen operator.
A single repeater can improve cellular connectivity in the area of 1200 m2. Customized versions can operate in areas up to 5000 m2.

The devices have been equipped with AGC and MGC mechanisms ensuring stable operation in the case of fluctuations of cellular signals. The signal strength at the input of each device is indicated by LEDs.

The repeaters have the required certificates. GSM amplifiers are compliant with ETSI 300 609-4.

Detailed tests of the devices were conducted by the relevant institutions in Poland, Norway and Austria, confirming the compliance with the binding standards.

Cellular repeaters
An application in a power plant. A wind power plant operator in Hruszowice, Poland, had a problem with low and unstable GSM signal which had to be used to transmit the data needed to monitor the performance of the system.
The data from sensors deployed in the wind towers should be transmitted to an automated control room and then to the turbine factory located in Germany.
SIGNAL repeaters - appreciated in Poland, the Netherlands, Norway, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia - have been nominated for the Gold Medal of Energotab
Optical fiber solutions - fast and reliable transmission
ULTIMODE is a set of devices and solutions to enable the installation of fiber optic networks in buildings, offices, and homes, as well as deployment of capacious long-range transmission lines for transmitting video and data from CCTV cameras.

We also offer mechanical splices and couplings allowing for the elimination of glass fiber welding.

ULTIMODE solutions are complemented by an optical fiber system for transmission and distribution of television signals - TerraOptiline.
Highly efficient ULTIMODE media converters enable the users to build long-range gigabit links (1 Gb/s, up to 20 km), completely resistant to interference and voltage surges.

ULTIMODE media converters
To facilitate the flow of data, two buildings of a hospital complex, distant from each other about 10 kilometers, have been connected with a fast, secure and reliable link

An extensive video surveillance system employing ULTIMODE video converters
ULTIMODE Home System is a groundbreaking solution for creating home FITH networks (Fiber In The Home). To install the system, the user needs only a low-cost tool for cutting POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) cable. Simple installation makes the benefits of fiber optics available to every user.

ULTIMODE Home System components
ULTIMODE Building System is the latest fiber optic cabling solution for buildings, eliminating the need for fiber welding. The system is designed for use in apartment and office buildings, including "open space" layouts.

ULTIMODE Building System components
ULTIMODE is a complete family of fiber optic solutions
As usual, we will give lectures on the issues connected with the presented technologies and solutions (in Polish).

The robot project being prepared for the Energetab 2011 trade fair