Digifort Professional-Base (8CH IP CCTV expandable up to 64CH)

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Use of digital zoom in clent application (image from IP camera Pixord P600E K1532)

Digifort Professional is the version of IP video surveillance software which is dedicated for medium-sized businesses and quite large companies that need up to 64 cameras. It offers high reliability, performance and cost efficiency, combined with easy installation and operation.

The Professional version includes features and tools needed to ensure optimum security, offering centralized management, monitoring and control of the cameras and alarm devices, both locally and remotely.
Digifort Standard can cooperate with 1400 different models of IP cameras and video servers from dozens of manufacturers, which enables customers to match the equipment to their needs and resources.
Digifort Professional performs the basic and advanced functions of IP CCTV system that include advanced control of PTZ cameras (also with the use of joystick and priority settings), positioning of cameras on object maps, support for 16 client workstations, web server, live monitoring of cameras via cellphones etc.
At any time, the users can access the system via the local area network, or via the Internet - from anywhere in the world. For the latter purpose they can employ suitable GSM or LTE devices (mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs etc). Despite that the system supports up to 8 client stations, it does not limit the number of mobile devices.

User-friendly interface, easy installation and configuration, extensive manuals for server and client stations - make even the basic version of Digifort software a powerful and easily manageable tool with advanced features.
Digifort systems are based on client/server architecture. The maximum number of cameras depends only on the version of the software and the number of servers in the network. The software has been designed for computers running Windows XP/2003/Vista/7 (32-bit or 64-bit) and allows to use MPEG-4, MJPEG, Wavelet, H.263, H.264 compressions.
Digifort Professional offers the possibility of extending its functionality by Digifort Evidence module ( K3030). This module can create forms with descriptions of events and the responses of the system and operator(s), with automatically attached recordings concerning these events .
The look-ups, statistics and reports can be viewed in the form of popular chart templates (bar, pie, line). This way, the user can have in seconds the graphs of all events, as well as is able to quickly find a specific event and watch the video, without the long wait required by traditional systems.
Free application Digifort Mobile, developed on Java platform, enables users to monitor online video streams from cameras, perform PTZ control, search recorded footage etc., with the use of suitable cellphones, smartphones, PDAs etc.
Optional modules/devices available for this version:

Commbox I/O modules

  • K3020 LPR - license plate recognition
Digifort LPR software - license plate recognition

LPR window

  • K3030 Evidence - advanced record of events and actions
  • K3040 VCA- advanced image analysis

VCA window

View of Digifort console

  • K3084 BioPass - Digifort biometric identifier
View of the identifier (fingerprint reader)

The main features of Digifort Professional:
[the specific features of Standard version (not available in lower versions) are boldfaced]
  • client/server architecture
  • support for up to 64 cameras (1400 models from 90 manufacturers)
  • support for up to 16 client workstations
  • unlimited image resolutions
  • frame rates up to 30 fps (each camera, including recording)
  • video compressions: MPEG-4, MJPEG, Wavelet, H.263, H.264
  • operating systems: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7
  • cooperation with:
    • Evidence module K3030
    • LPR module - K3020 (license plate recognition)
    • VCA module - K3040 (advanced image analysis)
    • K3081 - console
    • BioPass - K3084 (Digifort biometric identifier)
    • support for six K3010 I/O boards
  • digital zoom of images simultaneously from four cameras (from among all cameras)
  • possibility of using NAS
  • PTZ priority
  • unlimited number of PTZ presets
  • support for alarm systems
  • video adjustments
  • programmable actions to alarm events
  • object maps
  • schedule for alarm inputs and system responses
  • scheduled operations
  • possibility of using camera shortcuts
  • possibility of creating individual camera layouts on the screen
  • change of camera settings (profile)
  • support for up to 4 monitors at each workstation
  • pop-up widows with images from cameras, triggered by events
  • sound alarms
  • recording on client workstations
  • scheduled recording
  • patrolling
  • recording triggered by events
  • image printing during video playback (with event description)
  • support for PTZ cameras
  • privacy zones
  • recording triggered by motion detection
  • pre- and post-alarm buffers
  • watermark
  • simultaneous and synchronized playback of video recorded from multiple cameras
  • search for archival materials using timeline
  • digital zoom
  • group configuration of cameras
  • graphical view of server status
  • disc space calculator
  • implemented web server

Administration Client window

Fingerprint scanner window

Alarm Actions configuration

Pop-pup widow with the image in which a movement has been detected

Server Monitoring window with graphical statistics

Free 30-day trial
Free 30-day trial versions allows potential customers to check the capabilities of the software without having to buy it.
Name Language File type
File size
Surveillance Client Manual
EN  7.4 MB 2011.02.10
Administration Client Manual
EN 13.6  MB   2011.02.10
Digifort Explorer - 30-day trial EN   83 MB 2011.02.10
Digifort Standard - 30-day trial EN 109 MB 2011.02.10
Digifort Professional - 30-day trial EN 117 MB 2011.02.10
Digifort Enterprise - 30-day trial EN  117 MB 2011.02.10
Feature Professional
Architecture and main features
System architecture Client/Server
Number of cameras
8 to 64 (by packs)
Expansion of camera number by packs (Licenses) Yes (up to 64)
Speed of recording and live monitoring up to 30 FPS per camera
Support for IP cameras and video servers Yes
Support for alarm boards Yes
Number of alarm boards Yes (6)
Multitasking Yes
Remote access to servers Yes
Video compression formats  MPEG-4 / MJPEG / Wavelet / H.263 / H.264
Support for multi-processor platforms
IP filtering
Server activity log Yes
Event log Yes
Support for DNS Yes
Platform Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7
Sophisticated user rights system Yes
Extensive array of features for users Yes
Limit of connections to the server No
Supported image resolutions Any resolution (depending on camera)
Privacy masking Yes
Searching recorded video by time bar Yes
Video control and processing Yes
User profiles for live monitoring Yes
Support for multiple users Yes (up to 16)
Integration with Digifort Evidence Yes
Events support
Alarm inputs and outputs Yes
Motion detection Yes
Recording failure Yes
Camera failure Yes
Manual events Yes
Timer events Yes
Creation of e-mail lists and phone directories (for text messages) to send event alerts Yes
E-mail/SMS alerts triggered by events Yes
Pop-up windows with camera images triggered by events Yes
Sound alarms Yes
Instantaneous messages to operator Yes
Activation of PTZ presets Yes
Activation of alarm outputs Yes
Schedule for events Yes
Live monitoring
Number of simultaneous cameras 64
Camera shortcuts Yes
Multiple camera layouts Yes
Automatic image resizing Yes
Multi-Monitor option Yes (four)
Multi-server monitoring on one screen Yes
Image control and processing Yes
Image relay Yes
Live motion detection Yes
Live digital zoom Yes
Use of shortcuts Yes
Screenshots Yes
Screen styles Yes (7 native)
Programmable screen styles Yes
Image sequencing Yes
Bilinear resizing Yes
Emergency/local recording on client computer Yes
Media profile changing Yes
PTZ priority Yes
Real-time system configuration Yes
Periodic e-mails with server reports Yes
Simultaneous configuration of multiple cameras Yes
Server monitoring using graphics Yes
Disk space calculator Yes
User groups Yes
Programmable video recording Yes
Programmable reactions to events Yes
Programmable alarm actions Yes
Programmable data transmission Yes
Support for PTZ cameras
Support for PTZ cameras Yes
One-click positioning Yes
PTZ control with joystick Yes
PTZ control with virtual joystick Yes
Advanced PTZ control Yes
Support for analog PTZ cameras Yes
OSD menu for analog cameras Yes
Implemented protocols for analog cameras Yes
Patrolling Yes
Presets Yes (unlimited number)
Advanced PTZ functions controlled by clients Yes (no limits)
Video recording
Recording on motion detection Yes
Setup of motion detection areas Yes
Recording on events Yes
Pre/post alarm buffers Yes (up to 60 seconds)
Digital certificate (watermark) Yes
Archiving of recordings No
High-performance storage Yes
Disk management system Yes
Hard disk allocation for the disk management system Yes
Video recording in file servers (via network) Yes
Daily limit of recordings No
Motion detection indicator Yes
Video Playback, Video Search and Export
Searching video by date and time Yes
Video export formats  DigiFort (Event CD), .avi
"Screenshot" function during video playback Yes
Playback schedules Yes
Advanced search based on motion detection Yes
Digital zoom during video playback Yes (4 channels)
Video deinterlacing No
Image printing during video playback (with event description) Yes
Multi-camera video playback Yes
Multi-camera video export Yes
Web Server
Built-in web server Yes
Posting pictures on websites No
A comparative table of all versions of Digifort software and short descriptions of the features are available here.