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Digifort I/O Board
Cod: K3010
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The Commbox device offers a fast and efficient way of remotely controlling other devices through TCP/IP networks. It can be used for surveillance of remote sites, such as schools, health centers, hospitals, sports centers, banks, supermarkets, public buildings and infrastructure, and any other environment that needs constant supervision.
Basically, this device offers input ports (dry contacts), output ports (relays), and Ethernet port, which transmits the data to the surveillance center by way of a local network (via wired or wireless links, optical fiber network) or the Internet. However, the number of functions that can be performed with the use of these three types of ports is infinite. Here are some typical applications:
  • Monitoring of sensors and activation of lighting combined with IP cameras
  • Opening and closing of doors, roller shutters, gates etc.
  • Control of pumps, valves, and motors
  • Control of various devices by way of the web or local networks
  • Remote rebooting of computers, servers, routers, switches and other IT equipment
  • Cooperation with programmable logic controllers (PLC) in industrial and residential applications
  • Residential and commercial automation
  • Panic buttons
The basic task of the device is reaction to the changes of the values of the input ports caused by signals from various types of sensors or control elements. When an event has been detected, this information is sent to the Digifort server, which will carry out a preconfigured action. The action can involve the internal resources of the software, such as sending e-mail and/or SMS text messages, or of the system - like positioning PTZ cameras at preset positions. The surveillance center will immediately receive a message about actions taken on the site.
Some examples of integration of Commbox devices with Digifort:
Surveillance of schools
In the above diagram we can see how to carry out surveillance of schools by way of sensors and a panic button. The alarm board should be located in a safe, inaccessible place. We connect four presence sensors and a panic button to the board. During the day, if a mishap occurs, the panic button can be activated by an employee, and during the night, the presence sensors detect intruders as soon as they enter protected areas. In both cases, the surveillance center is immediately notified. Digifort software can be configured to detect activation of the panic button and react to the inputs from presence sensors (only at night).
Automated flood warning systems
In the diagram above we can see how to create an automated flood warning system. High level sensors installed on the banks of a river are connected to the alarm board, located in a metal box attached to a post near the river. When the water in the river reaches this level, the monitoring center will be immediately informed and will alert emergency services (usually fire brigade), civil defense etc. to take suitable actions.
Surveillance and control of industrial gates
The diagram above shows how to use Commbox for surveillance and control of industrial gates. There is a button for opening the gate, and a panic button to be activated by the security guard in case of emergency. When the button for opening the gate is pressed, the alarm board activates the electric strike to open the gate. Pressing the panic button, the operator triggers an alarm event which is handled by Digifort software. The programmed reactions can include automatic positioning of PTZ camera(s) to the gate, starting alarm siren, calling the security personnel, recording video from the camera(s) located at the site.
Water tank level control
In the diagram above we can see how to maintain the level of water in tanks. A level sensor is installed inside the water tank. When the level of water drops below this sensor, Digifort system automatically activates the pump pushing water into the tank and displays the video from the camera located near the pump on the system operator's screen (it can also be recorded).
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Digifort I/O Board
Cod: K3010
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