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Channel Amplifier Alcad ZG-421 ch. C56-C60
Cod: R90517R
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Power Supply: Alcad AS-102 (for ZG/CO sets)
View of the amplifier

View of a set of Alcad channel amplifiers (on R912120 frame, with R905083 PSU)

Each channel amplifier of the ZG-421 series is pre-tuned to a desired channel by the manufacturer - making an order it is necessary to give the channel number.
Channel amplifiers of the ZG-421 series are top class devices designed for filtering and amplifying TV signals in the UHF band (470-862 MHz). They can process both analog and digital signals DVB-T). The output signals can be distributed in large shared antenna systems (MATV/SMATV) - in multi-dwelling units, hotels, public buildings etc.
The great advantage of the ZG-421 series is high selectivity, consisting in capability of filtering the desired signal from among the variety of signals on the input. Attenuation of undesirable signals on the neighboring channels (N+1, N-1) equals 17 dB, and on the N+2 and N-2 channels is 56 dB.
A set of ZG-421 channel amplifiers is powered from the AS-125 R905083 power supply and usually placed on the SP-126 R912120 mounting frame (the frame can carry the power supply and up to 12 amplifiers).
The ZG-421 amplifiers can be used together with the older ZG-401 ones.
Frequency characteristics of the ZG-401 (blue) and ZG-421 (red) channel amplifiers.
It is clear that the selectivity of the ZG-421 series is much better.
Name ZG-421
Code R90517R
Gain [dB] 53
Bandwidth [MHz] 8
Gain adjustment range [dB] 20
Max level of output signal (DIN 45004K) [dBμV] 2x120
Selectivity (N+1 or N-1 channel) [dB] 17
Selectivity (N+2 or N-2 channel) [dB] 56
Noise figure [dB] 3.5
Connectors [mm] IEC 9.5
Power [V/mA] +24/75
Weight (single module) [kg] 0.40
Operating temperature [°C] -10...+65
IP rating
Dimensions (height x depth x width) [mm] 196x76x32



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Channel Amplifier Alcad ZG-421 ch. C56-C60
Cod: R90517R
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