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Centrală alarmă ROPAM OptimaGSM-PS (modul GSM, funcţii de automatizare)
Cod: G7005
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Alarm Control Panel ROPAM OptimaGSM-PS (GSM module, automation functions)
View of the OptimaGSM-PS module
Alarm Control Panel ROPAM OptimaGSM-PS (GSM module, automation functions)
The other side view
Alarm Control Panel ROPAM OptimaGSM-PS (GSM module, automation functions)
The included accessories
Alarm Control Panel ROPAM OptimaGSM-PS (GSM module, automation functions)
View of the packaging
OptimaGSM-PS is a modern intruder alarm control panel that can combine the functionality of alarm system and simple home automation. It is the ideal solution for residential buildings and small commercial facilities. Modern TPR-xx touch panels cooperating with this control panel are equipped with SD card slot. The card can contain the plan of the building, along with the location of sensors, which will greatly facilitate the monitoring of the entire system. In addition, the panels can be used as digital photo frames. Compared to other systems of this category, the NeoGSM-PS control panel has a large amount of resources and functions, such as digital and analog inputs, digital outputs, two-way audio communication, GSM/GPRS communication, temperature measurement and recording, logical functions I/O and O/O. In addition, the functionality can be significantly increased by using expansion modules, such as the FGR-4 for sending MMS/EMAIL, VAR-1 gateway for integration with video intercom, or APm-Aero supporting wireless two-way communication e.g. with sensors.
The OptomaGSM-PS panel combines functions of intruder alarm system, access control, and intelligent building. With advanced functions, expansion modules, and control of devices via AC power line (230 VAC), the multipurpose system can fully protect the facility and provide a range of management tools. The built-in GSM communicator allows for remote control of the system via SMS or RopamDroid application for smartphones, and flexible control of outputs via SMS/CLIP and DTMF codes. A strength point of the panel is advanced LogicProcessor, the heart of home automation control (gates, heating, lighting, etc.).
Main features:
  • 8-48 wired inputs (expansion through TPR-xx touch panels, EXP-I8 and EXP-I8-RN expanders),
  • 8-32 wired outputs (O1 and O2: 12VDC/1A outputs with short-circuit protection, O3-O8: 100mA OC outputs),
  • AI analog input,
  • 4 inputs for temperature sensors,
  • 4 zones with two arming modes,
  • additional relay output in each TPR-xx touch panel,
  • support for 4 touch panels (TRP-1-O, TPR-2W-O, TPR-2B-O,TPR-1F-O),
  • AUX and KB: electronically protected 12V/1A outputs,
  • 4 timers with mode selection (year, month, week, day, continuous),
  • users: 32 codes (1 main +31), 8 phone numbers, 8 email addresses,
  • NO, NC, EOL, 2EOL/NC, 2EOL/NO line configuration options,
  • built-in GSM module,
  • remote control options,
  • home/building automation options,
  • event memory up to 10000 entries,
  • EN 50131-3: Grade 2 certificate.
Extension options:
The concept and construction of the panel allows for extension of the system and increase of its functionality with the use of expansion modules. The OptimaGSM-PS panel is prepared for integration of alarm and home/building automation systems, to enhance the life comfort of the users.
  • TRP-1-O, TPR-2W-O, TPR-2B-O, TPR-1F-O - touch panels for system operation, with additional inputs and outputs,
  • RF-4 - radio controllers (recovers of commands from TR-4 key fobs),
  • FGR-4 - conversion of four VIDEO signals (usually with security cameras) into JPG pictures transmitted via MMS/E-MAIL messages,
  • VSR-1, VSR-2 - voice synthesizers for the transmission of voice messages,
  • AMR-1 - audio module (microphone) for audio listening/recording functions,
  • VAR-1 - module for integration with video entry phone and call forwarding on cell phones,
  • TSR-1 - temperature sensor measuring the air temperature, applied to implement thermostat function,
  • APm-Aero - wireless access point and controller for integration of wireless Aero devices,
  • Hub-IQPLC-D4M - control of IO-IQPLC, IOE-IQPLC switches via AC power line,
  • IO-IQPLC, IOE-IQPLC - switches for control of AC power outlets, for use with the Hub-IQPLC-D4M module,
  • EXP-I8-RN - expansion module (additional inputs),
  • EXP-O8R-RN - expansion module (additional outputs).
Notification and control functions:
The built-in GSM modem allows for remote control of the system. The use of additional expansion modules significantly increases the capabilities and functionality of the control panel.
  • notification and control via SMSes,
  • VOICE/CLIP: information on various events (via VSR-1, VSR-2 voice synthesizer, via AMR-1 audio module),
  • MMS: MMSes with pictures from CCTV cameras or video entry phones for verification of events (FGR-4 - conversion of four VIDEO signals into JPG pictures),
  • E-MAIL: reports on events in the system, support for SMTP server (without SSL/TSL),
  • monitoring via GPRS: cooperation with Ropam Monitoring Software or Kronos NET station (RopamDirect driver), encrypted TCP/IP communication, two IP addresses, backup SMS transmission, parallel operation with SMS / VOICE notification,
  • control via Android smartphones with RopamDroid app.
OptimaGSM Manager and RopamDroid applications:
The configuration of OptimaGSM systems can be performed with the dedicated OptimaGSM Manager app. The clear and intuitive tool creates the logic, has script editor (CSL) and simulator for script testing. RopamDroid is a free application that can be downloaded from GooglePlay. The application, designed for smartphones with Android operating system, allows for remote management and control of OptimaGSM and other Ropam panels.
View of the RopamDroid app screen
Building automation functions:
The use of SmartPLC technology opens new possibilities of communication between devices via the existing electrical wiring. The OptimaGSM panel, along with modern solutions for property protection, gives access to automation functions that can be easily implemented depending on the needs of the users. The logic scheme can process signals from temperature sensors, analog sensor, and commands from the users, received by the built-in GSM module and entered in the RopamDroid app, on a 24/7 basis.
  • SmartPLC – control via electrical wiring with the use of
  • Hub-IQPLC-D4M and IOE-IQPLC/IO-IQPLC switches (power outlet/switch),
  • temperature measurement and recording, thermostat function - with the use of TSR-1 sensors (TermostatGSM, LoggerTemp),
  • control of outputs via SMS, DTMF, CLIP (KeyGSM), app/webserwer,
  • analog AI input (0-10 V) for control of a physical parameter (battery voltage, humidity [%RH], temperature etc,
  • integration with video entry phones (VAR-1), intercoms and door entry systems, audio listening/recording functions (AMR-1).
A strength point of the panel is advanced LogicProcessor, the heart of home automation control (gates, heating, lighting, etc.). It provides advanced logic functions allowing for implementation of home automation systems, timers, staircase timers etc.
  • advanced logical functions, arithmetic functions, counters, timers,
  • up to 20 independent logical conditions (If...Then...Else),
  • 20 timers to implement time-logic functions,
  • logic creator or CSL script editor,
  • simulator for script testing.
The OptimaGSM-PS control panel, thanks to a modular construction, extensive logic functions, and the possibility of implementing building automation system with the use of its free resources and additional modules for control via electrical wiring, has a wide range of applications:
  • building automation systems integrated with OptimaGSM alarm system,
  • intelligent home, home automation,
  • intruder alarm systems,
  • fire, gas leak, flooding, power status, UPS status signaling,
  • remote control and monitoring of electrical devices,
  • intelligent lighting systems.
  • 24 months with possibility of extension for another 24 months.
The conditions for the extension are provided in the included warranty card.
Number of inputs (main board)
Max. number of inputs
Number of outputs (main board)8
Max. number of outputs32
High-current outputs
Low-current outputs
 Analog input (AI) Yes, 1
Inputs for temperature sensors  Yes,4
Number of zones
Number of timers
System log capacity
10000 entries
Logic functionsYES, LogicProcessor
Supplying voltage options
16 ÷ 20 VAC, min. 30VA
20 ÷ 28 VDC, min. 0.7A
Output supply voltageUn = 13.8 V DC
U = 9.5 ÷ 13.8 V DC
Max load
 (current capacity)
20 W (1.5 A )
Low voltage signaling
U < 11 VDC
Current capacity of
O1, O2, AUX, KBD outputs
In = 1 A (continuous)
Ipeak =1.3 A (transient)
Short-circuit and thermal protection of O1, O2, AUX, KBD outputs
Ilim=1.0÷1.7 A, Tj, Tc= 125 °C
Load control of O1, O2 outputs
max. line impedance: 2 kohm
Load capacity of O3 - O8 outputs
100 mA, 30 VDC max.
Current consumption (main board)
40mA/50mA/300mA, min/avg./max
Backup battery
12 V / 1.2-12 Ah (VRL/SLA)
Battery charging current
Ibat= 0.3 A max
BAT output protectionlow battery: Ubat<10.0 V (+/-5%); protection against reverse polarity: 1.6 A (PTC - resettable)
GSM modem
SIM900 (Quad-Band, GPRS class 10, CSD) 
GSM modem bands
850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
Communication options
AUDIO IN/OUT (VSR connector)2 V rms
Binary input options
Temperature sensor inputs
T1-T4 (Data), GND, +VT (3.3V)
Analog input (programmable)
Uin = 0-10 VDC (max)
System communicationEIA-485, RS323TTL
Operating environmentclass: II
temp.: -10°C...+55°C
RH: 20%...90%, no condensation
Terminalsfor AWG 24-12 wires
Dimensions156x88x25 mm
Weight305 g
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Centrală alarmă ROPAM OptimaGSM-PS (modul GSM, funcţii de automatizare)
Cod: G7005
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