Centrală alarmă ROPAM NeoGSM-PS cu comunicator GSM

Cod: G7000
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Alarm Control Panel ROPAM NeoGSM-PS (main board)
View of the NeoGSM-PS panel (main board)
Alarm Control Panel ROPAM NeoGSM-PS (main board)
Another view of the NeoGSM-PS panel (main board)
Alarm Control Panel ROPAM NeoGSM-PS (main board)
The included accessories
Alarm Control Panel ROPAM NeoGSM-PS (main board)
View of the packaging
The NeoGSM-PS is a modern intruder alarm control panel that can combine the functionality of alarm system and simple home automation. It is the ideal solution for residential buildings and small commercial facilities. Modern TPR-xx touch panels cooperating with this control panel are equipped with SD card slot. The card can contain the plan of the building, along with the location of sensors, which will greatly facilitate the monitoring of the entire system. In addition, the panels can be used as digital photo frames. Compared to other systems of this category, the NeoGSM-PS control panel has a large amount of resources and functions, such as digital and analog inputs, digital outputs, two-way audio communication, GSM/GPRS communication, temperature measurement and recording, logical functions I/O and O/O. In addition, the functionality can be significantly increased by using expansion modules, such as the FGR-4 for sending MMS/EMAIL, VAR-1 gateway for integration with video intercom, or APm-Aero supporting wireless two-way communication e.g. with sensors.
The NeoGSm-PS panel with built-in GSM communicator allows for remote control of the system via SMS or RopamDroid application for smartphones, and flexible control of outputs via SMS/CLIP and DTMF codes. A strength point of the panel is advanced LogicProcessor, the heart of home automation control (gates, heating, lighting, etc.).
The configuration and update of the NeoGSM-PS control panel are performed with the use PartnerGSM software and dedicated RS232-MGSM or USB-MGSM cable.
Main features:
  • 8-20 inputs (expansion through touch panels and EXP-I8 expander),
  • 8-14 outputs controlled by the system, SMS, CLIP, touch panels (control of home automation),
  • O1 and O2: 12VDC/1A outputs with short-circuit, overload and temperature protection, load control,
  • O3-O8: 100mA OC outputs,
  • AI: 0-10V analog input scalable with physical parameters (e.g. temp=°C, RH=%, p=kPa),
  • AUX and KB: electronically protected 12V/1A outputs,
  • four 24h timers for arming and output functions,
  • 8 telephone numbers for control and signalling,
  • register of 1000 events with an overwrite function,
  • built-in GSM/DCS/EGSM modem (no SIMLOCK),
  • one main zone and internal NIGHT sub-zone,
  • event date and time (RTC with batery backup),
  • 12V/2A buffer power supply (cooperating with 12V battery),
  • possibility to use alternative power source (24VDC battery),
  • FAC input (only NeoGSM) for monitoring the main supply voltage (AC) of system components,
  • supplying voltage: 17VAC/24VDC,
  • monitoring of DC voltage (<11V).
Other features:
  • detection of GSM JAMMING, reporting and registering output states, cooperation with TRP-1, TPR-2W, TPR-2B, TPR-1F touch panels,
  • information on input states via SMS/VOICE/CLIP/MMS/E-MAIL,
  • information on output states changes via SMS/VOICE/CLIP,
  • programmable SMSes and VOICE (VSR-2) messages on various system events connected with inputs, outputs, sensors,
  • MMS/E-MAIL with pictures from CCTV cameras, video intercoms; video verification, photo-trap function - FGR-4 module,
  • visual verification of the state of the facility - FGR-4 module,
  • connectivity tests: SMS, SMS STAN, CLIP, MMS,
  • flexible control of system arming: touch panels, SMS, RopamDroid, wirelessly (RF-4/4C), via inputs
    • support for RopamDroid app for Android phones (SMS communication),
    • cooperation with RF-4 wireless receiver for control of arming and 4 outputs via key fobs,
  • integration with audio systems of video intercoms,
  • integration with audio systems of intercoms/door entry systems,
  • two-way audio system, facility eavesdropping option,
  • TermostatGSM, LoggerTemp - temperature measurement and recording from two TSR-1 sensors, two independent thermostats at 4 outputs,
  • TerminalSMS: SMS transmission via RS232TTL port from DTE devices (PLC, controllers etc., without #AT commands), ASCI codes, GSM modem and terminal functions (DCE) triggered via input I8,
  • optical indication of GSM signal level and activity,
  • block construction with independent control of each block: power, GSM modem, microcontroller,
  • transmission and cost reduction functions,
  • support for USSD codes (prepaid sim cards),
  • compliance with EN 50131-3, level 2 (complete system).
A strength point of the panel is advanced LogicProcesso, the heart of home automation control (gates, heating, lighting, etc.). It provides advanced logic functions allowing for implementation of home automation systems, timers, staircase timers etc.
  • 8 logic functions (the arguments are states of inputs, outputs, markers (0/1), temperature thresholds, analog input thresholds, timer signals, other binary signals,
  • 8 time and counting functions such as programmable timers, with triggering and reset arguments as above, and results provided to outputs or markers.
  • output control function by identifying the phone number (CallerID/CLIP)
  • control of O1-O8 outputs,
  • arming control,
  • ending VOICE notifications,
  • door strike control (VAR-1).
GPRS monitoring:
  • cooperation with Kronos NET (RopamDirect controller) - encrypted TCP/IP communication, two IP addresses,
  • backup SMS transmission,
  • parallel operation with SMS/VOICE notification .
The programming and configuration is performed with dedicated PartnerGSM software. This intuitive application allows the installer to configure the entire system including expansion modules.
Programming options:
  • local (PartnerGSM) - via dedicated cable,
  • remote (PartnerGSM) - via external CSD modem),
  • via service menu of touch panels.
RopamDroid is a free application that can be downloaded from GooglePlay. The application is designed for smartphones with Android operating system and allows for remote management and control of NeoGSM panels. Basic features of the app:
  • arming of Neo/NeoGSM systems,
  • information on system status and abnormalities,
  • monitoring/blocking inputs,
  • group output control,
  • monitoring T1, T2 temperatures and change of TermostatGSM thresholds,
  • monitoring of AI analog value and change of theresholds,
  • clear graphical interface and status bar, similar to that of touch panels,
  • application and service filtering messages from the phone number of the system,
  • two-way communication via system SMSes,
  • one-time configuration of the application,
  • authorization with password,
  • cost reduction by consolidating information in single SMSes.
  • application compatible with Google Android ver. 2.1 to 4.3,
  • (Samsung Galaxy phones require NeoGSM, NEO from v2.1, BasicGSM from v1.6, MultiGSM from v1.7),
  • minimum screen size: 3",
  • compatibility with NeoGSM, NEO (since v2.0), BasicGSM (since v1.4), MultiGSM (since v1.5).
  • 24 months with possibility of extension for another 24 months.
The manufacturer - Ropam Elektronik - gives 24 months warranty since the date of purchase. In the case of some devices (according to the warranty terms included with the products), it can be prolonged by 24 months. The equipment should be installed only by professional companies.
Name NeoGSM-PS
Code G7000
Number of inputs (main board)
Max. number of inputs
Number of outputs (main board) 8
Max. number of outputs 14
High-current outputs
Low-current outputs
Number of zones
Number of timers
System log capacity
1000 entries
Logic functions YES, LogicProcessor
Supplying voltage options
16 ÷ 20 VAC, min. 30VA
20 ÷ 28 VDC, min. 0.7A
Output supply voltage Un = 13.8 V DC
U = 9.5 ÷ 13.8 V DC
Max load
 (current capacity)
20 W (1.5 A )
DC low voltage signalling
U < 11 V
Current capacity of
O1, O2, AUX, KBD outputs
In = 1 A (continuous)
Ipeak =1.3 A (transient)
Short-circuit and thermal protection of O1, O2, AUX, KBD outputs
Ilim=1.0÷1.7A, Tj, Tc= 125 °C
Load control of O1, O2 outputs
max. line impedance: 2 kohm
Load capacity of O3 - O8 outputs
100 mA, 30 VDC max.
Current consumption (main board)
40mA/50mA/300mA, min/avg./max
Backup battery
12 V / 1.2-12 Ah (VRL/SLA)
Battery charging current
Ibat= 0.3 A max
BAT output protection low battery: Ubat<10.0 V (+/-5%); protection against reverse polarity: 1.6 A ( PTC - resettable)
GSM modem
SIM900 (Quad-Band, GPRS class 10, CSD) 
GSM modem bands
850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
Communication options
AUDIO IN/OUT (VSR connector) 2 V rms
Binary input options
Analog input
Uin = 0-10V DC (max)
System communication EIA-485, RS323TTL
Operating environment class: II
temp.: -10°C...+55°C
RH: 20%...90%, no condensation
Terminals for AWG 24-12 wires
Dimensions 118x88x25 mm
Weight 275 g