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Card MicroSDXC 256 GB UHS-I clasa 10 + adaptor SD
Cod: M90379
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Memory Card: microSDXC 128GB UHS-I class 10 (with SD adapter)
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GOODRAM memory cards are based on highest quality components - NAND flash memory chips coming from globally renowned manufacturers. Through the combination of components from reliable suppliers, modern production lines and extensive quality tests, the customer receives a high quality product at a reasonable price, fully compatible with international standards. This series of GOODRAM micro SDHC/SDXC Class 10 cards implements Ultra High Speed​​ Interface (UHS-I) perfectly working with modern devices such as cameras, DVRs, smartphones and tablets.
According to the specifications of the SD Association (an organization for the standardization of memory cards), class 10 cards should have the performance of at least 10 MBps. However, in the case of modern phones, tablets or media players, not only the speed, but above all the way to control the flow of data is of paramount importance. That is why the latest GOODRAM microSDHC cards use the capabilities of the UHS-I or Ultra High Speed interface. The implemented UHS-I interface will be perfect for high-definition recording and playback, or for live HD broadcasting. At the same time, GOODRAM microSDHC UHS-I card is backward compatible with devices that support the 2.0 working standard. In this case, the card will work with the minimum operating parameters corresponding to the 10th speed class (min.10 MBps).
NameGOODRAM microSDHC UHS-I class 10
256 GB
Memory typeMicro SDHC + SD adapter
Capacity256 GB
Write protection switch:Yes – SD adapter
Read/write100 Mbps
Retras din ofertă
Card MicroSDXC 256 GB UHS-I clasa 10 + adaptor SD
Cod: M90379
George Popescu
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