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Carcasa pentru camere de exterior IRH-150 (2x iluminator IR)
Cod: M5302
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Carcasa IRH-150 a fost conceputa pentru instalarea camerelor CCTV in exterior.
Aceasta ofera protectie si conditii optime de munca in toate conditiile meteorologice .
Outdoor Camera Housing IRH-150 (2x IR illuminator)

Outdoor Camera Housing IRH-150 (2x IR illuminator)
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Outdoor Camera Housing IRH-150 (2x IR illuminator)
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Outdoor Camera Housing IRH-150 (2x IR illuminator)
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Outdoor Camera Housing IRH-150 (2x IR illuminator)
Suportul inclus
Elemente distinctive:
  • built-in heater and fan with thermostatic control, wiring and connectors for the camera;
  • two IR illuminators (range up to 80 meters);
  • easy installation due to long cables coming out of the housing;
  • air vents enable the fan to exchange the air in the housing (cooling, draining excess moisture) to ensure stable operation of the camera in full sunlight or in wet conditions;
  • locking option (with a padlock).
The IRH-150 housing is equipped with thermostatically controlled heater and fan, which ensures stable operation under all temperature conditions. Housings without such features do not provide stable conditions for the cameras, which may suffer from fogging the lenses and water condensation taking place on their components. This results in a significant deterioration in image quality and reliability of the camera point - in extreme cases there is no usable video. The IRH-150 housing is equipped with a shield protecting the camera window against excessive solar radiation, rainfall and snowfall.
Carcasa IRH-150 este echipata cu 2 iluminatoare Redbeam, caracterizate prin radiatii IR de mare putere la un consum de energie relativ scazut. Acest lucru se realizeaza prin utilizarea de tablouri LED IR in loc de LED-uri individuale. Acesta permite sa acopere gama de pana la 80 m la un unghi de 15 ° (half-power beam). Fiecare beam este modelat de o lentila. Durata de viata a tablourilor LED preconizata este de aproximativ 50000 ore, ceea ce inseamna ca vor lucra peste 10 ani (ciclu 12/24)!
The cables coming out of the housing end with BNC (video) and 2.1/5.5 (power) connectors. In addition, there are serial port wires and two wires for connecting a camera with motorized varifocal lens. The additional cables can be optionally used to power other individual circuits of the housed camera or the housing.
Due to a comparatively small size of the housing (length: 300 mm), the maximum dimensions of an encompassed camera (width x height x length) are 95 x 80 x 150 mm. The housing is dedicated for small cameras with motorized varifocal lenses and for board cameras. Typical box cameras with standard lenses (e.g. Sunell SN-468C/W M11206 with Tokina lens M2311, total length of 190 mm) can be mounted only after rearranging the electronic components of the housing.
Diagrama cu dimensiunile carcasei
Dimensiuni exterioare cu iluminatoarele IR
(latime x inaltime x lungime)
280 x 105 x 300 mm
Dimensiuni maxime ale camerei din interiorul carcasei (latime x inaltime x lungime)95 x 80 x 150 mm
Dimensiunea panoului de sticla
(latime x inaltime)
70 x 62 mm
vopsea pulbere
Temperatura operare
 12 VDC / 3 A
Greutate2.4 kg
Iluminatoare IR
(latime x inaltime x lungime)
60 x 61 x 154 mm
Putere iesire
6000 mW
Lungime de unda850 nm
Half-power beamwidth
Gama80 m


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Carcasa pentru camere de exterior IRH-150 (2x iluminator IR)
Cod: M5302
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