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Carcasă 19" RACK pentru media convertoare ULTIMODE (14 sloturi)
Cod: L5215
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Garanţie - 24 de luni
View of the 19" RACK adapter after removing masking plates
View of a media converter with fastening element for mounting to the 19" adapter
View of the ULTIMODE adapter housing 8 media converters
Visible one of the two fans situated on the side walls
View of the rear panel
There are visible two independent power supplies
View of the included accessories
Distinguishing features:
  • suitable for 19-inch RACK mounting
  • 14 slots for media converters
  • equipped with two power supplies (redundant)
  • Plug and Play
  • forced ventilation (fans)
This adapter designed for housing ULTIMODE media converters provides power supply for up to 14 units. The housing is fully compliant to 19" RACK standard. Due to double power supply (redundancy) and forced ventilation (fans), the adapter ensures trouble-free continuous work of the media converters.
Redundant power supplies are a reliable solution for applications that require continuous operation. Each of the power supplies can be replaced without interrupting operation of the media converters (power sharing). Damage to the power supply is indicated by the LED located on the panel and by an audible alarm. Each slot is equipped with individual power connector, so any media converter can be changed without interrupting operation of the rest of the system.
Specifications of each of the two power supplies:
LED indicator
green color - normal operation
red color/no light - failure
Audible alarm:failure
Input:86 - 265 VAC / 1.8 A max. 50/60 Hz
Output:5 VDC / 12 A
The 14 slots allow to mount any ULTIMODE media converters, which greatly facilitates the construction and management of FTTH (Fiber to the Home), FTTB (Fiber to the Building) or FTTC (Fiber to the Curb) network.
Name19" RACK ADAPTER for ULTIMODE media converters
Number of slots
Number of power supplies
External width ["]19
External height [U]2
Width [mm]485
Height [mm]90
Depth [mm]231
Operating temperature range:0... 50 oC


Preţ fără TVAPreţ cu TVARabatValiditate  
515,75 Lei613,74 Lei0 %
Carcasă 19" RACK pentru media convertoare ULTIMODE (14 sloturi)
Cod: L5215
George Popescu
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