Hik-ProConnect is a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform intended for installers and integrators of Hikvision systems. It is used for remote management and supervision of various security systems connected to the Hik-Connect service. Compatible systems: CCTV and alarm systems, video intercoms, access control and other IoT devices (e.g. wireless bells). The operation of the systems is made easier thanks to the organization of devices in special structures related to end customers, called locations. Every location is assigned to specific employees having access to the status of devices and receiving notifications when anomalies are detected. In case of any issue the installer can remotely configure the system and verify the camera images, both live and recorded. Access to those functions is limited by the end user who grants appropriate permissions (and decides what and for how long) using the Hik-Connect client application.
Key features:
  • access to all systems from one cloud-based application,
  • centralized management of sites (locations),
  • employee accounts associated with specific locations,
  • remote configuration and upgrades,
  • extensive access authorization functionality,
  • co-branding function.
Centralized access structure
Each customer is assigned to a specific location for easier identification and management of events. Customer data and address can be specified.
Installer accounts within one organization have a hierarchical structure. The administrator creates locations and assigns them to the employee-installer accounts. The installer receives notifications on device issues in his locations, and his actions are recorded in logs for 90 days.
Panel for adding an employee and defining his or her rights
Functions available to the installer
After installing the system, the administrator (installer) has to obtain the end user's consent to assign devices to the respective location so as to receive diagnostic data (refreshed automatically every 30 minutes) and error messages. An authorized installer will have access to the following data and options:
  • notifications to e-mail, web portal or client application on the device damage or malfunction (e.g. hard drive damage, no video image, low battery),
  • information on errors from the last 7 days,
  • diagnostic data, e.g. for the NVR: network status, offline cameras, video signal status, data storage status, recording status, hard disk usage,
  • remote upgrade of devices,
  • making connections of events from different systems.
If necessary, at request (which has to be approved by the customer) or at the customer's request, the installer may be granted the following rights:
  • device configuration,
  • live image preview,
  • playback of recordings,
  • download of short clips (up to 2 minutes).
Access to this data may be blocked by the user at any time with the Hik-Connect client application. Temporary access can also be granted.
The installer also has access to tools that facilitate everyday work:
  • disk space calculator,
  • NVR channel calculator,
  • lens selection calculator (focal length and field of view),
  • throughput calculator.
Integration of various systems
The cloud service makes it possible to create connections between devices of different systems: CCTV, alarm, video intercom, access control and other IoT devices. For example, selecting a connection at a video intercom may direct the PTZ camera to a specific preset (e.g. zoom in on at an entry).
If the customer is added to the location by the installer, the installer logo will be displayed on the client software and in the information panel, when the software is loaded. The location information contains the installer contact details. They are downloaded from the company's profile on an ongoing basis. This makes the contact easier and affects the business recognition and prestige.
The priority in the operation of the system is to ensure high security levels. HTTPS/TLS protocols are used for communication between the devices. The connection is encrypted with AES/RSA algorithms with user-defined keys. The P2P technique establishes a secure connection without port mapping. The cloud-based platform supporting the service is Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is a reliable, efficient and, most importantly, secure service. Personal data such as telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are encrypted.
How much does it cost?
The basic version of the service, limited to 1024 devices, will be available for free. Extrs subscription plans will include access to diagnostic information (Heath Monitor), co-branding or the future cloud image recording service. The service is in the testing phase until the end of 2020 and it is now possible to use all available options for free. Correct service handling requires compatible software versions in the hardware. The manufacturer announces the release of appropriate updates.
How to use?
The Installer can use web application or a mobile app for phones with Android or iOS .

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