Antennas in London

The landscape of London is dominated by communication antennas. Due to commonly used cable television and prohibition of antenna installations on building facades, it is hard to spot terrestrial antennas or satellite dishes in the whole city center. However, on the facades there can be found communication antennas that - what's most surprising - are often situated near windows. In the suburbs, there are many antennas mounted on quite delicate masts, probably suitable for single UHF antennas. Over the whole London it seems to dominate 164m high BT relay station.
164m high tower - BT relay station - overlooks the whole city
Close-up of the tower
It's not easy to handle - it is not allowed to hang antennas on building facades
Typical roofs in the suburbs - fragile masts are rather amazing
Communication antennas on the facade
The most popular antenna in London's surroundings.
Antenna array
Antenna array on the route Birmingham - London: short or middle wave transmission center - due to proximity of residential houses - is either unused or works as radio listening center. Two different heights of masts suggest that the center works/worked on two bands
Such an array allows to shape specific antenna radiation characteristics
Feeding of so complex antenna system is very complicated; it is usually made with the use of waveguides, only in the case of low power normal cables can be used
Antenna arrays like those used to be employed for transmission of Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Deutsche Welle, Radio Moscow and BBC; unfortunately, middle and short waves are continuously loosing significance nowadays, both for listeners and broadcasters.