ANGA Cable 2008, May 27 - 29, Cologne, Germany

ANGA Cable 2008, May 27 - 29, Cologne, Germany
ANGA Cable Trade Fair 2008
This year's trade fair was a success - more exhibitors and visitors, perfect order and excellent organization. There were present the "typical" companies like TELEVES, TERRA, ALCAD, Kathrein, but also the representatives of Web technology, e.g. Cisco.
Innovative headends from TERRA
As usual, there was presented a wide range of headend stations. TERRA products were one of the most interesting exhibit items.
This company is consistently developing systems for satellite reception. Its headends can be remotely controlled (the camera placed in the headquarters showed reaction of the headend to the commands from the stand). One of the headends features especially low noise level and can be used in optical networks. The second one is dedicated for hotels, boardinghouses etc.
Multiswitch system from Kathrein
German satellite TV leader, Kathrein, supports technical solution similar to UNICABLE; it is multiswitch system allowing to connect up to eight satellite receivers, using one coaxial cable.
Fiber to the home
The last mile is still the crucial link of the Internet. It is halting development of IPTV. Some exhibitors presented FTTH solutions - the ultimate remedy for the problems with low bandwidth.
The prototype of a new IP headend of Alcad
Alcad showed a new IP headend. The headend, commercially available by the end of this year, is capable of converting terrestrial, satellite and local audio/video signals into IP form.
Flat panel satellite antennas
Will flat panels supplant traditional dishes? At this time the barrier is their price - ca 180 EUR per item. Well designed panels do not have problems with half-power beam (interference from adjacent satellites). The producers boast that the angle is about 3 degrees.
Invacom LNBs
A high-class Invacom LNBs, with UV filters for further noise reduction.
Stacker De-Stacker
Stacker and De-Stacker solve the problem of lacking the second cable needed for another receiver (or double tuner receiver / PVR). The Stacker is mounted by the TWIN LNB (it combines two signals), the De-Stacker placed in home does the reverse operation.
Something more than television...

Telemann - measurement devices
Telemann is well known as the leading producer of advanced measurement devices. The newest series included DVB-S2 meter.
Promptlink Communications
Promptlink Communications sells systems for testing cable modems (fair collection of the modems!)
These very narrow INVERTO LNBs can be used on a single dish for receiving multiple satellites (the minimum distance 3 degrees only).
Many visitors were interested in satellite meters manufactured by British company Horizon.
Comparison of compression formats
H.264 is ahead of other formats.
There was plenty of companies from the Far East offering variety of cables, but the European customers demand higher quality.
In Europe, cable installations are based on higher-class cables, e.g. from TRISET family.
Satellite dish for a yacht
This antenna automatically follows the chosen satellite - an ideal solution for a vessel.
A new use of satellite dish - Fuba's sundial
New dish from Famaval
This well known Portuguese manufacturer of satellite dishes presented a new type of mount.
A heated dish
Mueller company showed heated satellite dish for professional use. The control unit switches the heating on when the temperature is too low, which protects the dish against icing.
The police seized receivers
Like previous years, the police seized the receivers that probably hadn't had valid MPEG-2 Audio license.
New application of coaxial cables...
The stand of Polish company Telmor was interesting not only because of the offered products...