Amplificator TV/FM de casă TERRA MA050T

Cod: R81050
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Terra's MA050T R81050 house amplifier TERRA is dedicated for use in shared antenna systems with several outlets, for example in single- or multi-family buildings. It is mainly designed to increase signal level so as to allow reception by several or even more receivers. The amplifier has the following inputs: FM+VHFIII signal (88-108/174-230 MHz) and UHF band (470-694 MHz). The gain in the FM+VHF bands is 30 dB, while in the UHF band it is 34.
Imunitatea electromagnetică a echipamentului la semnalele din mediul extern este asigurată de carcasa metalică turnată.
The MA050T R81050 amplifier has an ON/OFF switch to provide 12 VDC/60 mA power supply to an antenna preamplifier. The maximum signal output level of 115 dBuV (IMD3 = 60 dB) enables safe distribution to several outlets. The built-in compensation of cable attenuation (slope) equalizes signal levels within the whole band by increasing gain for higher frequencies.

The MA050T R81050 amplifier is recommended particularly for systems using broadband amplifiers covering the UHF band (up to 694 MHz). It has a built-in LTE signal filter that enables the elimination of unwanted signals in the 700 MHz band (694 - 862 MHz) for data transmission services (LTE).
Key features:
  • built-in cable-loss correction
  • integrated filter LTE 700 signal attenuation
  • 30 dB gain in the FM and VHF bands; 34 dB gain in UHF band
  • switchable (ON/OFF) 12 VDC/60 mA power supply to a preamplifier
  • die-cast housing for highly efficient screening to prevent the penetration of interfering signals into the unit.


Tip produs Amplificator de casă FM/TV
Model MA-050T
Producător TERRA
tip FM TV
Utilizare Interior
Bandă funcționare FM/VHF+UHF
Intrari/Ieșiri Nr. intrări 2
Nr. ieșiri 1
Comutator DC 0/12 V Da
Obține controlul Da
Intrarea 1 Frecvență MHz 88...108/174...230
Câştig dB 30
Obține controlul dB -20...0
Sursa de alimentare a preamplificatorului V/A Fără
Intrarea 2 Frecvență 470...694
Câştig dB 34
Obține controlul dB -20...0
Sursa de alimentare a preamplificatorului V/A DC 12/0.06
Specificațiile dispozitivului
Max. nivelul de ieșire IMD3=60 dB (DIN45004B) dBµV 112
IMD2=60 dB (EN50083-3) dBµV 115
Zgomot interior VHF dB <5
UHF dB <5
Carcasă turnată sub presiune Da
Filtru LTE încorporat LTE 700
Tip conector de semnal F
Ieșire de test RF Da
Alimentare electrică V AC 230/50-60 Hz
Consumul de energie W 5
Temp. funcționare °C -20...+50
Dimensiuni mm 135 × 180 × 52
Greutate kg