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Amplificator de canal: WWK Alpha+ Telmor
Cod: R89864
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1242,42 Lei1478,48 Lei0 %
Garanție 2 ani
Universal Multiband Amplifier: TELMOR WWK-861 (tuned)
View of the device

Universal Multiband Amplifier: TELMOR WWK-861 (tuned)
WWK ALPHA with 4 VHF/UHF inputs, 1 FM input and 1 AUX input (broadband).

Universal Multiband Amplifier: TELMOR WWK-861 (tuned)
The included accessories.
The programmable, WWK - ALPHA+ TELMOR multiband channel amplifier is dedicated for SMATV systems for the reception of DVB-T/T2 digital terrestrial television in multi-family buildings, residences, hotels, guesthouses, schools, hospitals, etc.
The amplifier is dedicated to difficult reception conditions with signals of various levels, transmitted from several directions. It has 4 programmable signal inputs for the VHF (174-240 MHz)/UHF (470-862 MHz) band, 1 for the FM band (88-108 MHz) and 1 AUX input (broadband), supporting 32 channels paths. The amplifier enables the reception, equalization and amplification of those signals. The automatic gain control system equalizes the signal level for all channels regardless of their level at the device input (while maintaining the minimum required for proper signal quality). The installer can freely configure the VHF/UHF inputs and optimize the individual channel levels at the installation site to ensure high-quality picture on the TV screen. The WWK-ALPHA+ TELMOR channel amplifier can be used independently, as a part of a multiswitch system or part of a headend.
Key features of the amplifier:
  • high selectivity with 32 filters,
  • high gain with AGC,
  • protection against unwanted signals (LTE, 5G),
  • perfect output signal quality.
The device provides optimal output level adjustable within the range of 98..118 dBµV (with possible slope correction). Each DVB-T/T2 signal can be adjusted independently for input and output frequency and output level. In addition, the input power level at selected frequencies (dynamic measurement) can be read out. Installation and parameter adjustment is done using a local keypad and a large VFD display (2x16 characters).
The device supplies 12 VDC voltage with a maximum of 50 mA to the antenna preamplifier.
LTE filter options ensure resistance to interference from LTE networks operating in 4G (>790 MHz) and 5G (>694 MHz) technology.
The amplifier can only be installed indoors.
Key features:
  • amplifier dedicated to SMATV systems
  • 4 VHF/UHF inputs, 1 FM input, 1 AUX (broadband) input
  • real-time automatic gain control (AGC)
  • independent, selective gain for 32 paths/channel filters in VHF/UHF band
  • supporting the transmission of DVB-T/T2 digital terrestrial TV signals
  • LTE signal attenuation switch (4G band> 790MHz, 5G band> 694 MHz)
  • high selectivity >35 dB
  • isolation of input ports> 30 dB
  • easy to install and configure
Product codeR89864
TypeChannel amplifier
Inputs/OutputsInputs 1xFM
1xTest (-30 dB)
Built-in filter 4G, 5G, none
FM inputOperating bandMHz87.5...108
Gain controldB20
Max. Input leveldBμV-
Preamplifier power supplyV/mAnone
VHF/UHF inputOperating bandMHz174...230
Gain (AGC)dB> 70
Gain controldB20
Max. Input leveldBμV-
Preamplifier power supplyV/mA12/50
AUX inputOperating bandMHz47...862
Gain controldB20
Max. Input leveldBμV60...90
Preamplifier power supplyV/mAnone
RF outputMax. output level IM3-60dBμV116
Max. output level for 6 MUXesdBμV112
Converter functionNo. of channels32
Channel bandsMHz8(UHF), 7(VHF)
Filter selectivitydB>35
Device specifications
Die-cast enclosureNO
Connector typeF
Power supplyV230 AC
Built-in power supplyNO
Power consumptionW17
Remote power supplyNO
Operating temperature°C0...50
Preţ fără TVAPreţ cu TVARabatValiditate  
1242,42 Lei1478,48 Lei0 %
Amplificator de canal: WWK Alpha+ Telmor
Cod: R89864
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