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Access Point AirMax5 5GHz
Cod: N2405
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Access Point AirMax5 5GHz
View of the device
Access Point AirMax5 5GHz
Rear view

Access Point AirMax5 5GHz
View of the inside from the bottom - connectors

Access Point AirMax5 5GHz
The included accessories

AirMax5 is an outdoor wireless access point operating in 5 GHz band at speeds up to 108 Mbps. It is characterized by high power and efficiency. Its wireless 802.11a module with output power of 23 dBm supports Turbo A and Super A modes (108 Mbps). The use of powerful wireless module and 14 dBi antenna enables transmissions at distances up to 2 km.
AirMax5 is supplied with original drivers for Atheros wireless chipset, which allows stable and functional use of the device.
AirMax5 has a durable, waterproof housing, double fixing system, diode mechanism for adjusting the antenna, and advanced passive PoE.
Distinguishing features:
  • wireless chipset allowing transmission speeds up to 108 Mb/s (802.11a);
  • output power 23 dBm;
  • built-in antenna with two polarizations, 14 dBi gain;
  • bandwidth control (total/per user);
  • diode mechanism for adjusting the antenna;
  • bandwidth management, Multiple SSID, Tag VLAN;
  • 8 MB Flash and 32 MB Ram memory;
  • QoS (Total and Per-User).
AirMax can operate in AP, AP Client, Bridge, WISP Router, or AP Router. The big advantage of the device is the configuration through very clear and simple web interface.
In addition to the standard management over the web and telnet, AirMax5 also offers secure management modes - HTTPS and SSH2. This provides much greater security of the network. Additionally AirMax5 provides full support for SNMP v1/v2.
There is the possibility of bandwidth management - per entire unit or per user.
AirMax5 provides Multi-SSID function to create different wireless network names from a single point. In turn, QoS allows the prioritization of different packages according to the 802.11e WMM protocol or for triple services (voice, video, data).
NameAirMAX 5
Operation modes
WDS Bridge Mode,
Repeater Mode,
Bridge Infrastructure,
Sensitivity6Mbps @ -90 dBm
9Mbps @ -89 dBm
12Mbps @ -88 dBm
18Mbps @ -86 dBm
24Mbps @ -82 dBm
36Mbps @ -79 dBm
48Mbps @ -73dBm
54Mbps @ -71dBm
Tx power
54 Mbps @ 21dBm
48 Mbps @ 22dBm
36 Mbps @ 23dBm
6, 9, 12, 18, 24 Mbps @ 23 dBm
Connectors1x 10/100 Mbps RJ-45
SMA R/P for connecting external antenna
Internal antennaIntegrated, 14 dBi,
horizontal / vertical polarization
Dimensions [mm]210x100x32 
Weight [kg]0.7


Retras din ofertă
Access Point AirMax5 5GHz
Cod: N2405
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