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A series of ULTIMODE devices for testing and measuring fiber optic installations.
Recently, we have observed a significant increase in interest of possibility of performing measurements (and creating measurement documentation) for the installations implemented by our clients. To meet these expectations, we are introducing a range of devices which, in our opinion, will be a perfect complement to the fiber optic equipment of LAN, CCTV, automation installers, etc. Depending on your needs, you can choose between simple visual fault locators, a power meter, and a more advanced fiber optic link tester. based on reflectometric measurement. The offer of active devices has been supplemented with launch fibers in elegant and, above all, practical to use housings.
OTDR/fibre optic network tester: ULTIMODE OR-20-S3S5-iSMV
The ULTIMODE OR-20-S3S5-iSMV L5830 reflectometer has a 3.5-inch multi-touch screen and a friendly interface similar to the typical smartphone user interface. It performs measurements at wavelengths of 1310nm and 1550nm, offering a detailed service of the entire optical path with a length of up to 80 km. It helps in verifying events and problems such as: broken or bent fiber, dirt, bad splices, etc. The light source function and optical power meter allow for a transmission test method. Less experienced installers can use the automatic function, which performs the measurement, automatically downloads the appropriate parameters and provides the results in graphical form. The device has the ability to create advanced PDF/XLS measurement documentation.
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Optical power meter (VFL, LED, RJ45 tester) ULTIMODE OPM-20T-V01
The ULTIMODE OPM-20T-V01 L5810 optical power meter is equipped with a universal connector for 2.5 mm ferrules and offers the ability to measure signals in the range: -70...+10 dBm at wavelengths: 850/1300/1310/ 1490/1550/1625nm. The device has a built-in memory of 500 measurements and an auto-calibration function. Additional functions include: a visible light source (visual fault locator VFL) 650 nm, LED flashlight and a network cabling tester (Rj45 connectors). The meter is equipped with a lithium battery charged via a USB Type C connector. Find out more...
Visual VFL fault locator (LED, RJ45 tester) ULTIMODE VFL-V3-15
The ULTIMODE VFL-V3-15 L5939 visual fault locator is a 650 nm visible light source with a power of 15 mW enclosed in a small, handy housing. Additionally, the device is equipped with an LED flashlight and a network cabling tester (RJ45 connectors). The built-in lithium battery is charged via the USB Type C connector.
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Visual fault locator VFL ULTIMODE VFL-V1-10
The ULTIMODE VFL-V1-10 L5936 visual fault locator is a 650 nm visible light source with a power of 10 mW in a metal housing.
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150 m SC/APC-SC/APC launch fibre ULTIMODE FLC-150-SCA-SCA
ULTIMODE FLC launch cords are elements based on the G.652D fiber, necessary for carrying out reflectometric measurements. The length of 150 m is the optimal choice when carrying out measurements based on short and medium pulses. A unique feature of ULTIMODE launch cords is an elegant, practical and easy-to-use plastic housing that allows for proper protection of connections during storage and transport. The offer includes launch cords in the following versions: SC/APC-SC/APC L58510, SC/APC-SC/UPC L58512, SC/APC-LC/UPC L58514.
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