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The post is made entirely of aluminum (corrosion resistant), and intended for outdoor use. Due to its corrosion resistance and low weight of approx. 5 kg, it is an ideal solution as a housing for telecommunications connections for buildings. The post has an adapter for mounting a fiber optic muff and a special panel for mounting cables, microducts, and spare cable. It has lockable a door with brass drum lock, and sealed with polymer gasket.
Key features
  • Made of aluminum, corrosion resistant
  • Dimensions: 1355x295x208 mm
  • Weight 5.3 kg


Nume Stâlp FTTH interconectare SSF-1355/295/208
Tip produs Sealed housing
Utilizare în aer liber
Tip de montare standalone
Placă de montare încorporat Da
Material Aluminiu
Dimensiuni Lăţime mm 295
Înălţime mm 1355
Adâncime mm 208
Materialul carcasei Material Aluminiu vopsit în câmp electrostatic
Design Culoare Gri
Evaluare IP IP34
Peretele din spate Material Aluminiu
Încuietoare tip drum
numărul de chei buc. 2
Orificii pentru cabluri Recesses in the bottom wall
Greutate kg