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Signal ST-6501 HDMI modulator - 1xCOFDM (DVB-T) – HDCP support
View of the ST-6501 Signal R86100 modulator.
Signal ST-6501 HDMI modulator - 1xCOFDM (DVB-T) – HDCP support
View from the connector side.
Signal ST-6501 HDMI modulator - 1xCOFDM (DVB-T) – HDCP support
The accessories included
Signal ST-6501 modulator R86100 is a device that modulates the input signal in Full HD resolution (1920x1080-60p) given to the HDMI connector in DVB-T COFDM standard. Signal R86100 is a single-channel modulator. This means that it is possible to connect a single signal source to it and modulate it into a DVB-T digital multiplex. The device is an excellent alternative to systems based on splitters and HDMI cables.
The source signal may come from a multimedia player, DVR, Blu-ray player, PC, STB etc. The modulator can distribute high quality content in the form of DVB-T multiplex via typical RF coaxial cables used in antenna systems. The maximum bit rate is limited by the DVB-T standard (31.68 Mbps), whereas the maximum bit rate of the video stream cannot exceed 15 Mbps.
In order to combine the DVB-T2 terrestrial TV signal and the RF signal from the modulator, the Signal R-2 R60102 signal splitter should be used, which in this case will perform the function of the combiner.
Configuration of the channel at the RF output of the modulator is done using the buttons and display located on the front panel of the modulator.
In order to reduce the level of the RF signal at the modulator output, it is recommended to use external attenuators:
  • R50165 adjustable attenuator
  • fixed attenuator DSE TA01-16 R50162
  • fixed attenuator DSE TA01-20 R50163
DIPOL offers several models of digital DVB-T modulators.
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Distribution of HD signals from a Blu-ray player, PC and terrestrial DVB-T TV with the example of Signal-420 R86700 modulator.

Product type Modulator
Type Digital
Series DVB-T
Model ST-6501
Brand Signal
No. of channels single-channel
Applications indoor
Number of inputs HDMI 1
No. of outputs HDMI 0
RF 1
HDCP support YES
Coding H.264
Resolution Full HD 1080p
Stream flow rate Mbps 5...15
Modulator section
Standard at RF output DVB-T COFDM
Number of MUXes (carriers) at the RF output 1
FFT mode 2K/8K
Operating band MHz 6, 7, 8
Constellation 64QAM
Safety interval 1/32
FEC 7/8
MER dB 30
RF frequency range MHz 174...230/470...862
RF output level dBμV 105
Configuration LCD + buttons
DC power supply V/A 12/1.5
Dimensions mm 127x65x17
Weight kg 0.2


Tip produs Modulator
tip Digital
Serie DVB-T
Model ST-6501
Producător SIGNAL
Nr. canale un singur canal
Utilizare Interior
Nr. intrări HDMI 1
Nr. ieșiri HDMI 0
RF 1
Suport HDCP Da
codificare H.264
rezoluție Full HD 1080p
Debitul curentului Mbps 5...15
Standard la ieșire RF DVB-T COFDM
Numărul de MUX-uri (purtători) la ieșirea RF 1
mod FFT 2K/8K
Bandă funcționare MHz 6, 7, 8
Constelaţie 64QAM
Interval de siguranță 1/32
FEC 7/8
MER dB 30
Gama de frecvențe RF MHz 174...230/470...862
Nivelul de ieșire RF dBµV 105
Configurare LCD + butoane
Alimentare DC V/A 12/1.5
Dimensiuni mm 127 × 65 × 17
Greutate kg