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Twin Channel Amplifier: Terra at420 (UHF, analog TV & DVB-T, AGC)
TERRA PA321TP channel amplifier.
Twin Channel Amplifier: Terra at420 (UHF, analog TV & DVB-T, AGC)
PA321TP connector side.
Twin Channel Amplifier: Terra at420 (UHF, analog TV & DVB-T, AGC)
The included AC/DC adapter
The programmable multiband channel amplifier PA321TP from TERRA has been designed for receiving digital terrestrial television (DVB-T/T2) in multi-family buildings, residences, hotels, boardinghouses, schools, hospitals, etc. The amplifier can be used as a signal amplifying element in MATV systems, multiswitch systems (SMATV), or systems based on distribution of signals from headends, modulators etc. High modulation error ratio MER of min. 36 dB allows to complete even the most complicated projects.
The amplifier is dedicated to difficult conditions of reception of RF signals, with signals of different levels, coming from one or several directions.
The amplifier has 2 programmable inputs for VHF band (174-240 MHz)/UHF band (470-694 MHz) and 1 input for FM band (87-108 MHz). The device has twenty independent amplification paths. Each path is used for amplifying one DVB-T/T2 digital terrestrial TV multiplex. This means that one device can amplify up to twenty digital multiplexes.
Each of the 20 amplifiers is equipped with automatic gain control (AGC) and ultra selective SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filter.
The automatic gain control ensures:
  • automatic signal level equalization for all channels regardless of the level at the input of the device (while maintaining the minimum required for proper signal quality) amounting to respectively 113 dBμV (for 6 MUXes). With this functionality, the installer does not have to worry about equalizing the level of all signals at the input of the system,
  • adaptation of gain level to periodical signal changes at the input of the system.
The device is programmed digitally using any Android mobile device or Windows PC (TERRnet app). The Control connector (miniUSB jack) is used to connect the device to program the amplifier. When the amplifier is connected to the power supply, the green and red LEDs flash simultaneously to indicate that the amplifier is configured.
The TERRA PA321TP amplifier can supply terrestrial TV antenna preamplifiers with DC 12V. The amplifier itself is powered with DC 12V from the included power adapter with current consumption of 0.45A (without external load), or remotely from the power supply (e.g. via coaxial cable).
To program the amplifier, you will need a Windows computer or any Android-based mobile device capable of installing the TERRnet app and a cable with a miniUSB plug (to connect to the side of the device).
Key features:
  • 20 independent amplification paths
  • Number of inputs: 3 (2xVHF/UHF+FM)
  • Amplification for twenty DVB-T/T2 multiplexes
  • Remote power supply via coaxial cable or from the included 12 V DC adapter
  • AGC – automatic signal level equalization for all channels up to 106 dBμV (for 6 MUXes)
  • Amplified frequency range 174...230/470...694 MHz (channels 5-12/21-48)
  • High modulation error ratio MER >=36 dB
  • Selectivity 30 dB at 1 MHz from channel border – ultra selective SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filter
  • Output level adjustment 0...20 dB
  • Digitally programmable using any Android mobile device or Windows computer
  • Protection against unwanted signals (LTE, 5G)
  • Preamplifier power supply DC 12 V max. 0.1 A
  • Die-cast housing


Tip produs Channel amplifier
Nume PA321TP
Producător TERRA
Intrare RF număr 3
Nr. de MUX-uri acceptate 20
Bandă funcționare FM+2 × VHF/UHF
Utilizare Interior
standard DVB-T/T2
Funcția AGC Da
Selectivitate dB 30 ± 1 MHz from the channel boundary
Intrare FM Bandă frecvențe MHz 88...108
Câştig dB 29
Obține controlul dB 20
Max. Nivel de intrare dBµV 69...89
Impedanță Ohm 75
intrare VHF/UHF Bandă frecvențe MHz 174...230, 470...694
Câştig dB max. 63
Obține controlul dB 20
Nivel maxim de ieșire dBµV 50...100
Sursa de alimentare a preamplificatorului V/A 12/0.1 pe intrare
Ieșire RF Puterea semnalului dBµV max 106 pentru FM, max 113 pentru VHF/UHF (6 MUX), max 110 pentru VHF/UHF (7-12 MUX-uri), max 109 în VHF/UHF (13-16 MUX-uri), max 108 în VHF/UHF (17-20 MUX-uri)
Impedanță Ohm 75
MER dB ≥ 36
Raportul de zgomot dB <7
Configurare Any mobile device equipped with Android or Windows computer and a cable terminated with a micro USB plug
Intrare VHF Da
Filtru de respingere LTE LTE 700
Sursă de alimentare incorporată Nu
Curent tras V/A DC 12/0.45
Temp. funcționare °C -20...+50
Greutate kg
Dimensiuni mm 100 × 147 × 55