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Masthead antenna amplifier Terra AB011T AB011T is dedicated for outdoor applications in individual antenna systems and small MATV systems distributing the signal to a dozen or so outlets. Gain in the entire UHF band (470-694 MHz) is 26dB. The maximum signal output level of 108 dBuV (IMD3 = 60dB, DIN45004B) enables safe distribution to several outlets. The amplifier is also has also a very low noise level, not exceeding 1dB and a built-in LTE 700 filter.
The AB011T R81011 amplifier has a built-in LTE signal filter that enables the elimination of unwanted signals in the 700 MHz band (694 - 862 MHz) for data transmission services (LTE).
An important feature of the AB011T R81011 amplifier is low power consumption of 0.3W, due to the use of a specially designed 5V powered system. This voltage value complies with the DVB-T/T2 standard (EN 300 744).
The 5V voltage is applied to the antenna input of the DVB-T/T2 digital terrestrial TV receivers. The use of the AB011T amplifier instead of standard 12V powered amplifiers eliminates additional power supplies in the system.
Key features:
  • power supply 4.5-12V 60mA
  • LTE signal attenuation (> 694 MHz)
  • 26 dB gain in the 470-694 MHz band
  • gain control (switch)
  • small size cast metal case put into compact size plastic housing


Tip produs Masthead amplifier
Model AB011T
tip TV
Utilizare Exterior
Bandă operare UHF
Intrari/Ieșiri Nr. intrări 1
Nr. ieșiri 1
Comutator DC 0/12 V Nu
Obține controlul Da
trecere DC None
Intrarea 1 Frecvență 470...694
Câştig dB 13/26
Obține controlul dB 13/26
Precorectarea caracteristicilor cablului Nu
Specificațiile dispozitivului
Max. nivelul de ieșire IMD3=60 dB (DIN45004B) dBµV 108
IMD2=60 dB (EN50083-3) dBµV 105
Zgomot interior UHF dB ≤ 1.3
Carcasă turnată sub presiune Da
Filtru LTE încorporat LTE 700
Tip conector de semnal F
Ieșire de test RF Nu
Alimentare electrică V DC 4.5...12
Curent tras A
Temp. funcționare °C -20...+50
Dimensiuni mm 89 × 107 × 43
Greutate kg