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The coaxial cable attenuation equalizer 4 dB EQF041 TERRA is used to compensate for differences in satellite signal attenuation through the coaxial cable in systems with Wideband LNB
The equalizer is used when the active device connected to the Wideband LNB requires an equal signal level across the band (e.g. Terra optical transmitters), and the length of the cable connecting the LNB to this device exceeds 10 m. The EQF041 4 dB equalizer allows you to compensate for the attenuation corresponding to 15 m of RG-6 type cable. Thus, it is possible to extend the line connecting the converter by such a distance (in total 25 m).
Under items R50208 and R50212, equalizers are available to compensate for attenuation in the range of 8 dB (30 m) and 12 dB (45 m).


Tip produs Attenuation equalizer
Tip de sistem TV/SAT
Tip atenuator Fix
Nume EQF041
Bandă funcționare MHz 290 – 2350
Pierdere dB 4.7 (230 MHz), 1.2 (2350 MHz)
trecere DC Da
Tip conector Intrare priză f
Ieșire priză f
Dimensiuni mm 80 × 27 × 19
Greutate kg