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The Protect 207 M80207 is a 4-channel mobile DVR designed for use in coaches, city buses, minibuses, street cars/trams, subway, corporate vehicles, tractor-trailer trucks/TIR trucks, patrol cars, prisoner vans, ambulances or military vehicles. It has been specifically designed to provide increased resistance to vibration and shock.
The DVR is designed to be mounted inside the cab of a vehicle, e.g. under the seat, in a glove compartment etc. The power cables have to be connected to the battery and ignition switch (similar to radio), so that the device automatically begins video and audio recording simultaneously with turning on the ignition. The power circuit is protected by 5 A fuse which protects against excessive current drawing and burning of the wiring in the event of a fault. By default, the recorder runs until the power supply is turned off with the ignition key, unless the delayed turn off function (running for a specified time after switching off) or a schedule function is active. The DVR has also its own power backup and runs for about 8 seconds more to safely save all data.
Diagram of the plug for connecting cameras
Protect 207 has 4 video inputs equipped with M12 connectors – the kit includes adapters with BNC sockets (video), 2.1/5.5 plugs (power) and RCA sockets (audio). The package includes adapters with BNC socket (video), 2.1/5.5 plug (power), and RCA socket (audio). Connection of cameras to M12 connector allows quick and secure connection of video signal and power supply to the cameras directly from the DVR itself. The DVR allows to record images from 4 channels simultaneously at 25 fps at resolutions of 1080p or lower. The video quality is sufficient to easily recognize the traffic situation, the behavior of people, and even faces, or license plate numbers. AHD and CVBS signals are supported.
H.265 compression
The DVR supports H.265 video compression which, compared to its predecessor (H.264), reduces by half the data stream and the demand for disk space. Thanks to that, the capacity of data carriers can be reduced by half, or twice as long recordings can be stored.
GPS module, overload sensor and gyroscope
A GPS antenna is included. When connected, the GPS module turns on automatically and details of the speed and device position are included in the video. Simultaneously, data from acceleration and position sensors (gyroscope) reading data in three axes (X, Y and Z) is always recorded. The device can detect a collision, sharp braking, accelerating or cornering too fast.
Data archiving
Recording of video and audio from the connected cameras is carried out via a single HDD/SDD slot with capacity up to 2 TB. Recordings can be exported to a flash drive or memory card and played back using the included software. The recordings are stored along with the GPS, acceleration and alarm input data in their respective device formats. In addition to searching and playing recordings from cameras, the software enables the use of the additional DVR capabilities including generating a graph of the alarm input activation on a timeline or vehicle position based on the saved GPS coordinates.
Integration with vehicle sensors
The alarm inputs can monitor the vehicle devices plugged into the electrical system. These may include shifting into the reverse, opening the fuel filler door, door closing, seat belt fastening, cargo area opening, brake pressing, indicting etc. Activation of an input can be linked to an alarm action, e.g. the shifting into reverse can display lines on the camera image showing the distance, or switching the image preview to a specific camera.
Control of DVR
The DVR can be controlled with the included IR remote control. The graphical menu is displayed by video output that can be connected to a monitor.
Connecting to monitor
The DVR has 3 video outputs: VGA (1280 X 1024), Cinch (CVBS signal) on 3.5 mm jack connector on the front and M12 socket on I/O connector on the back (CVBS signal).
Key features:
  • Maximum recording resolution of 1080p at 25 fps
  • Supports 4 channels AHD (1080p or lower) or CVBS (960H or lower) and an IP camera (up to 1080p, 1 RJ-45 connector)
  • Recording to 2.5" HDD/SSD with up to 2 TB capacity (1 slot)
  • Possibility to copy recordings to an SD card or a flash drive (1 USB 3.0 slot in the front)
  • Automatic HDD slot heating to start recording at temperatures from -40°C
  • Vibration and shock absorbing design of electronics and drives according to military standard MIL-STD- 810G
  • Wide operating temperature range -40°C to 80°C
  • Built-in 3-axis G overload sensor
  • Built-in 3-axis gyroscope
  • GPS module with an external antenna
  • Power supply for 4 × AHD cameras
  • Power supply backup – the DVR continues to record after a short power failure (up to 8 s) *Automatic recording after power supply is connected.


Producător Proteja
Intrări video număr 4
rezoluție 1080p
Intrări video tip conector M12, 4 pini – conectori A pe cablu, adaptor BNC inclus
alimentare cu energie pentru fiecare canal 12 V, 3 A PoE pasiv 12 V (pin 4/5 +, pin 7/8 -.)
Semnal audio si video standardele suportate PAL, NTSC
Semnale suportate AHD, CVBS, IP (detecția automată a tipului și rezoluției semnalului)
mai multe fluxuri acceptate Da, 2 fluxuri pe fiecare canal
Înregistrare PAL 2 MP fps 25
720p fps 25
D1/CIF fps 25
Compresie video H.265, H.264
max. rata de biți video pe canal Mbps 4
Ieșiri video tip Mufa VGA, mufa M12, RCA
Rezoluție VGA p 1280 x 1024
M12, rezoluție RCA
aspectul de afișare a imaginii Diferite moduri de împărțire: o singură cameră, împărțire în 2, 3, 4 sau 6 camere
Suport pentru funcția de imagine reflexie orizontală Da
reflexie în oglindă Da
Arhivare transportatorii 1 × HDD/SSD 2.5"
capacitate maximă media 2TB
rata de date pentru parametrii tipici de înregistrare (H.256, 1080p, 15 fps) 0.4 GB/h
redare DVR, aplicație PC
protecția purtătorului Încuietoare
Sistem OS Linux
limbă Engleză
Control Telecomandă (inclusă)
conturi de utilizator 3 (admin – parola implicită 888888 și 2 utilizatori)
Interfețe de alarmă intrari 8
ieșiri 1
porturi USB număr 1, USB 3.0
Control Backup de date, actualizare
Giroscop Da, 3-axe
Senzor G Da, 3-axe
Temp. funcționare °C -40...+80
Umiditate 20...95
Alimentare electrică Tensiune VDC 8...36
Consumul de energie W Rulare <36 Standby <0,5
Dimensiuni (lxlxh) mm 192 × 184 × 61 (cu carcasă de cablu suplimentară 248 × 184 × 61)
Greutate kg