Cod: G7071
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Metal Housing O-R3D (for ROPAM GSM modules)
View of the O-R3D casing

Metal Housing O-R3D (for ROPAM GSM modules)
View of the inside
Metal Housing O-R3D (for ROPAM GSM modules)
View of the anti-tamper element
The OR-3D metal housing is equipped with anti-tamper protection. The casing is dedicated for mounting ROPAM modules. The monolithic structure is made of steel sheet with powder coating finish in a practical light gray color.
Key features
  • 2 holes for mounting SMA antenna connectors,
  • space for rechargeable battery (7Ah/12V),
  • anti-tamper protection,
  • made of 1 mm steel sheet,
  • DIN rail (TH35) for mounting PSR-ECO power supply unit or AC transformer.
Compatible modules:
  • power supply unit PSR-ECO-2012 or TRA-30VA/1.,5V transformer,
  • BasicGSM/-PS +VSR-2, MultiGSM/-PS + VSR-2/VAR-1*, NeoGSM/-PS + VSR-2/VAR-1* + RF-4*
  • OptimaGSM/-PS+ EXP-I8 + VSR-2/VAR-1*+AP-IP
The modules marked " * " are mounted with self-adhesive PCB mounts
24 months with possibility of extension for another 24 months.

The manufacturer - Ropam Elektronik - gives 24 months warranty since the date of purchase. The manufacturer agrees to extend the warranty for selected devices (according to the terms of the warranty included with a product) for the next 24 months in the case of sending an application including copies of the sales document and invoice from the installation company. The equipment should be installed only by professionals - the installation company must be recommended by the manufacturer or at least its scope of activities must include installation of electrical systems, which should be confirmed by a license.
Name O-R3D
Code G7071
Space for battery:
7Ah/12V (SLA)
Anti-tamper protection
C/NC microswitch
Dimensions 245 x 235 x 95 mm (external),
240 x 230 x 90 mm (internal)
Weight 1.74 kg



Nazwa O-R3D
Kod G7071
Akumulator 7Ah/12V (SLA)
Zabezpieczenie antysabotażowe Tamper C/NC
Wymiary 245 x 235 x 95 mm (zewnętrzne),
240 x 230 x 90 mm (wewnętrzne)
Masa 1,74 kg