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Wireless Control Kit ROPAM RF-4-2K
View of the RF-4 PCB
Wireless Control Kit ROPAM RF-4-2K
The included TR-4 key fobs and accessories
The RF-4-2K kit consists of four-channel radio receiver RF-4 (controller) and two TR-4 remotes (key fobs). The key fobs communicate with the controller in the 443 MHz band. The system is characterized by high sensitivity, reliability, and long-range operation. The communication between the key fobs and the controller is based on variable codes, which eliminates the risk of unauthorized copying. The configuration data and operation status are stored in non-volatile EEPROM and restored after a power failure. The controller can operate autonomously or as a part of a NEO system, creating together a flexible, wirelessly operated alarm system. In cooperation with a control panel, the programming is done via the system bus using simple and user-friendly PartnerGSM application. In the case of autonomous operation, the controller is programmed locally.
  • two operation modes: part of a NEO system (connection via RopamNET bus) or autonomous remote control system,
  • as a part of a NEO system, it creates a flexible, wirelessly operated alarm system,
  • 4 channels with system functions: no function, ON/OFF of fully armed mode, ON/OFF of night armed mode, ON of fully armed mode, ON of night armed mode, armed mode/alarm, "panic" mode,
  • high sensitivity and selectivity, anti- jamming function,
  • encrypted transmission with variable code (bidirectional),
  • four independent RF channels,
  • 4 outputs: 2x relays R1, R2 ( SPDT ), 2x OC
  • selectable output modes: monostable, bistable, real (ON during transmission period),
  • possibility to control O1, O2 outputs via SMS (in a NEO system)
  • confirmation of a control action via SMS, with the number of the key fob used (in a NEO system)
  • non-volatile configuration memory,
  • low battery indication (remotes).
24 months with possibility of extension for another 24 months.

The manufacturer - Ropam Elektronik - gives 24 months warranty since the date of purchase. The manufacturer agrees to extend the warranty for selected devices (according to the terms of the warranty included with a product) for the next 24 months in the case of sending an application including copies of the sales document and invoice from the installation company. The equipment should be installed only by professionals - the installation company must be recommended by the manufacturer or at least its scope of activities must include installation of electrical systems, which should be confirmed by a license.
Name RF-4-2K
Code G7060
Supply voltage
9 ÷ 30 VDC
8 ÷ 24 VAC
Current consumption
30 mA (12 VDC)
Operating band
433.05 ÷ 434.79 MHz, PLL superheterodyne receiver
Key fobs
TR-4 (max number: 61,
only with ID: Ropam Elektronik)
O1, O2 outputs
2A, 30 V DC/AC max;
relay, dry contacts, SPDT (C/NO/NC)
O3, O4 outputs
100mA, 30 VDC max; OC (without short-circuit protection)
Operation modes O1-O4 Off (control via RopamNET bus)
Monostable: ON 1-255 s
Bistable: OFF-ON-OFF...
Real: ON during transmission period
AUX output
14 VDC / 50 mA max,
(Uz > 15 VDC or 12V AC)
FAIL output (OC)
100 mA, 30 VDC max. (without short-circuit protection)
System communication
EIA-485 (RopamNET protocol)
Mounting O-R2, O-R3, O-R4, O-RH casing, 2x self-adhesive PCB mounts
Operating environment class: II
temp.: -10°C...+55°C
RH: 20%...90%, no condensation
Terminals for AWG 24-18 wires
Dimensions 70 x 70 x 20 mm - PCB,
105 x10 mm - antenna
150 mm - RG174
Weight 180 g