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Front view
Inside view

Key features
  • double pyroelectric element (PIR),
  • pet immunity: up to 25 kg,
  • detection area: 10 m,
  • detection angle: 85°,
  • mounting height: 1.8 - 2.4 m,
  • operating frequency: 868 MHz,
  • range: up to 1600 m in open space,
  • two-way encrypted connection (128 bit),
  • signal strength indicator (SSI),
  • digital temperature compensation,
  • automatic sensitivity adjustment,
  • technology: Blue Wave,
  • anti-tampering protection,
  • powered by 3 V batteries: 1 x CR123A (included in the kit),
  • compliant with EN50131, Grade 2,
  • supports AXHub and Pyronix Enforcer.
KX12DQ-WE is a wireless passive motion detector immune to pets up to 25 kg, equipped with a double pyroelectric element. Functions such a digital temperature compensation, automatic sensitivity adjustment, and the Blue Wave technology make it suitable for effective surveillance in commercial and residential buildings. The detector has a hermetic optics system, which protects the pyroelectric element against insects, air flow, and light reflected from elements inside the housing. The two-way, encrypted connection (128 bit) guarantees safe and effective communication with the control unit. The detector is dedicated for indoor use as part of wireless AXHub and Pyronix Enforcer systems.
Coverage features
Vertical (V) and horizontal (H) coverage (85°, 60 zones, 7 planes)
The detector uses the following technologies:
Two-way wireless communication - the Enforcer technology ensures safe and jam-resistant communication between the detector and the control unit. The connection is encrypted with a 128-bit key,
Pet Immune (PI) - smart Pet Immune technology distinguishes between signals generated by intruders and those caused by pets (up to 25 kg) within a range of 10 m,
Blue Wave Technology enhances the detector’s immunity to infra-red noise in the environment. The key components of the technology include advance signal processing and 3D optics.
Digital temperature compensation - enables the digital adjustment of detector sensitivity so that it stays within a chosen range when ambient temperature approaches that of the human body,
Automatic sensitivity adjustment - the detector automatically adapts to changing ambient conditions, ensuring stable operation and effective intruder detection,
Independent Floating Thresholds (IFT) - IFT technology guarantees that alarm thresholds will stay within indicated limits, eliminating ambient electrical interference,
3D Optics – the new 3D optics system with 60 slots enables the perfect focusing of the infra-red signal onto the pyro-electric sensor. It guarantees an accurate coverage of the entire protected area including the approach zone (area under the detector).
Name KX10DP-WE
Code G01417
Operating environment Indoors
Detection angle / range 85° / 12 m
Mounting height
1.8 - 2.4 m
Sensor Double PIR
Pet immunity
25 kg
Two-way communication
Blue Wave technology
Automatic sensitivity adjustment Yes
Digital temperature compensation
Zabezpieczenie antysabotażowe Yes
Signal strength indicator (SSI) Yes
Encrypted connection Yes, 128 bit
Operating frequency
868 MHz
Open-space operating range
max. 1600 m
Battery 1 x CR123A
Supply voltage 3 V
Battery life
min. 2 years
EN50131 certificate
 Grade 2
Environmental class
117 x 69 x 50 mm
Operating temperature range
0.16 kg



Model KX10DP-WE
Tip produs Detector de alarmă
Producător Pyronix
tip Wireless
Culoare Alb
Materialul carcasei Plastic
Compatibilitate AXHub, Pyronix Enforcer
Căi detectare PIR
Piroelement Dublu
Instalație Interior
Înălțimea de montare recomandată m 1.8 – 2.4
Imunitatea animalelor de companie kg 25
Indicator LED pentru semnalizare Da
Număr de culori ale indicatorului LED 1
Compensare digitală a temperaturii Da
Protectie anti-manipulare Da
Bandă frecvență a modulului radio MHz 868
Raza de comunicare radio (în zonă deschisă) max. 1600
Tip baterie CR123A
Clasă mediu II
Grad de protecție Gradul II
Temp. funcționare °C -10...+40
Dimensiuni mm 117 × 69 × 50
Greutate kg