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AXhub Alarm Panel Kit: Hikvision DS-PWA32-NST (DS-PWA32-HSR Control Panel)
Control panel and detectors
AXhub Alarm Panel Kit: Hikvision DS-PWA32-NST (DS-PWA32-HSR Control Panel)
Bottom view
AXhub Alarm Panel Kit: Hikvision DS-PWA32-NST (DS-PWA32-HSR Control Panel)
AXhub Alarm Panel Kit: Hikvision DS-PWA32-NST (DS-PWA32-HSR Control Panel)
Inside view
AXhub Alarm Panel Kit: Hikvision DS-PWA32-NST (DS-PWA32-HSR Control Panel)
Included accessories
The kit includes:
  • 1x wireless alarm control panel: DS-PWA32-HSR ,
  • 1x wireless motion detector (PIR, 24 kg-pet-immune): DS-PD2-P10P-W,
  • 1x wireless reed switch: DS-PD1-MC-WWS,
  • 5x Mifare key fob (13.56 MHz): DS-PTS-MF.
DS-PWA32-HSR specifications:
  • supports up to 32 wireless inputs and 32 wireless outputs,
  • supports up to 12 key fobs, 8 remote controls, 4 sirens, 4 keypads, 4 card readers,
  • 4 partitions,
  • up to 2 IP cameras for video verification,
  • operating frequency: 868 MHz,
  • open-space operating range: up to 800 m,
  • two-way, encrypted communication (AES-128 bit),
  • communication: Ethernet (10/100 MB/s), GPRS (3G/4G), Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz),
  • configured via a web browser, iVMS-4200, Hik-Connect.
AXHub system features
DS-PWA32-HSR is a highly functional Hikvision AXHub wireless alarm control panel with an elegant look. Wireless security systems are an ideal solution for those who wish to protect their home against intruders, but do not want to turn it upside down during installation and assembly. The AXHub system is simple, easy and intuitive to mount. Simple voice commands facilitate insallation, testing, and management. Wireless motion detectors connected to the control panel are equipped with a signal strength indicator (SSI), allowing users to instantly verify their range and operation at the installation site. Not unlike video intercom and surveillance systems, AXHub is managed via the Hik-Connect app, which allows users to control the system, receive alerts, and integrate the whole Hikvision security system in a single app. The option to connect 2 IP cameras for the purposes of video verification and to record a 7-second footage (5 seconds before and 2 seconds after the alarm goes off) allows for extra verification if an event occurs. Three independent transmission channels (Ethernet, GPRS and WiFi) guarantee that the user will be alerted about the alarm even if one of them fails. The control panel can be configured and managed via the web browser and dedicated client applications.
A single-family home with an AXHub Hikvision wireless alarm system
Key features
The control panel is equipped with 32 input lines connected to wireless motion, smoke, flooding, and gas detectors, etc., as well as 32 output lines; max. 4 wireless output expanders (DS-PM-WO2 and DS-PM-WO8) may also be used to expand the system. The system supports up to 4 sirens, 4 keypads, 4 card readers, 8 remote controls, and 12 proximity tags, which makes it excellent for more elaborate structures. Division into four zones allows for selective surveillance while residents are at home.
The modern Hikvision AXHub wireless control panel enables long-range, two-way, encrypted communication, remote control via the Hik-Connect app, video verification, and three independent transmission channels. It is a perfect, quick security solution for apartments, houses, stores, factories and warehouses that does not require any cabling.
Total weight 1.5 kg
Control panel DS-PWA32-HSR
Wireless inputs
Wireless outputs
Max. alarms 4
Max. remote controls
Max. sirens 4
Max. keypads 4
Max. card readers 4
Max. key fobs 12
Max. partitions 4
Max. users 12 + 1 (installer) +
1 (admin)
Max. cameras (video verification) 2
Mifare reader (13,56 MHz) Yes
RF frequency 868 MHz
Open-space operating range
max. 800 m
Two-way, encrypted communication
Yes, (AES-128 bit)
Ethernet ports
RJ-45 10/100 Mb/s
GPRS module
3G / 4G
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
Audio communication
Yes, Built-in speaker 1.5 W
Configuration Web browser,
iVMS-4200, Hik-Connect
5 V / 2 A
Built-in battery
Yes, Li-Ion 3.8 V, 4520 mAh
Power consumption
< 5.6 W
Dimensions 155 x 155 x 35 mm
Operating temperature range
 PIR motion detector DS-PD2-P10P-W
Detection angle /range 85° / 10 m
Mounting height
1.8 - 2.4 m
Detection channels
Dual PIR
Pet immunity
 24 kg
Two-way communication
Signal strength indicator (SSI) Yes
Anti-tamper protection
Operating frequency
868 MHz
Open-space operating range max. 800 m
Battery  1 x CR123A
Supply voltage
3 V
Battery life
min. 2 years
Dimensions 117 x 69 x 50 mm
Operating temperature range
Reed switch DS-PD1-MC-WWS
Operating frequency
 868 MHz
Open-space operating range
 max. 800 m
Battery 1 x CR123A
Supply voltage
3 V
Battery life
min. 2 years
Operating temperature range
Dimensions 27 x 104 x 25 mm
Key fob DS-PTS-MF
Standard Mifare 13.56 MHz
Range up to 10 cm
Dimensions 50 x 26 x 4 mm