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Signal T2-MINI A99313 dedicated for those who want to hide the receiver behind the TV. This receiver, as one of the few of its kind on the market, has an infrared sensor with LED indicating the status of the device on the attached cable, so you can control a receiver that is invisible.
It is ideal for TVs hanging in hotel rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.
Signal T2-MINI A99313 front for those who send access to the TV. The receiver, as one of the few of this type on the market, has a sensor with an LED diode indicating the status of the connected cable, thanks to which you can control the tuner, which is invisible.

SIGNAL T2-MINI receiver key features:
  • for installation behind the TV
  • without display
  • with short HDMI cable included
  • powered by the TV's USB port or any external USB DC 5V/1A power supply
Signal DVB-T2 receivers key features:
  • DVB-T2 standard terrestrial TV reception
  • HEVC (H.265 /MPEG-H) encoding support
  • Reception of audio in MPEG-2 Audio and Dolby E-AC-3 standard
  • Hotel mode
  • HDMI CEC function
  • Program list copying
  • Power supply from TV USB port or DC 5V/1AA9901power adapter
  • Universal, learning remote control
  • Multilingual menu: Polish, English, German, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Croatian, Portuguese, Italian
  • Reception of high definition channels (High Definition)
  • Programmable timer support
  • Teletext and subtitle support
  • Logical Channel Number (LCN) support
  • Possibility to manually change the order of programs and numbering
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • PVR Ready function
  • Multimedia player
If PVR recording is required with the TV turned off, proceed as follows:
  • power the tuner from a 5V 1 A USB power supply, e.g. A9940
  • or choose the T2-BOX DVB-T2 HEVC SIGNAL A99314 tuner.
Signal T2-MINI T2-MINI receiver receives free DVB-T2 digital terrestrial TV channels broadcast in HEVC (H.265/MPEG-H) and H.264/MPEG-4 video coding technology with Dolby E-AC-3 audio. This receiver is one of the cheapest solutions allowing users of older TV sets equipped with DVB-T MPEG-4/H.264 headend to receive DVB-T2 HEVC (H.265/MPEG-H).

The receiver is fully compatible with DVB-T and DVB-T2 digital signals with parameters compliant with PN-ETSI EN 300 744 and PN-ETSI EN 302 755. Signal T2-MINI A99313 enables the user to receive FTA channels (Free-To-Air) in standard SD resolution and HD (High Definition) compressed in H.265/HEVC, MPEG-4, AVC/H.264, MPEG-2 formats. It has a functional and clear EPG (Electronic Program Guide) containing detailed information about the program offer for a given day and week (depending on the level of this service from the broadcaster). Navigating the menu of the receiver should not be a problem even for users without experience with this kind of equipment.

The greatest advantage of the Signal T2-MINI receiver is its compact size and power supply from the USB port of the TV set or any external USB power adapter. The device remains practically invisible for the user when plugged directly into the HDMI input of the TV set. The receiver is perfect for wall-mounted TVs and enables you to place the device in such a way that it fits between the TV and the wall or a bracket. The only thing to remember is to provide adequate ventilation to the device. Hidden behind the TV set the receiver receives control signals from the remote control via an infrared sensor placed on a short cable. For the device to work properly the infrared sensor should be attached to the front panel of the TV.

Available connectors:
  • ANT IN - Coaxial cable input from DVB-T2/HEVC terrestrial TV antenna
  • HDMI - Digital video and audio output for TV connection
  • micro USB - Used to connect IR receiver
  • Jack - Power connector
  • USB - Port for connecting an external USB storage device

Signal T2-MINI receiver mounted on the back of the TV using two mounting bases E950230 / E950231 and cable ties E952054. The stands can also be used for aesthetic cable arrangement. The tuner mounted in this way is 9 mm away from the TV, which provides access to good devices. Maximum installation height not exceeding 25 mm, thanks to the possibility of trouble-free installation of the wall cabinet using any LCD holder without the need for a cable or the device itself.

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The supplied remote control allows you to control the receiver and TV simultaneously (after a simple remote control programming procedure). The TV is provided with the ability to turn it on and off, adjust the volume, and change the video input. This eliminates the need to use two remote controls.
The receiver is ready to use as soon as the power is turned on. A quick installation guide allows you to automatically scan the entire TV band and rank the found programs according to a pre-selected criterion. If you prefer to manually select the searched channel frequencies you can skip the guide and select the appropriate option from the receiver's menu.

The HDMI-CEC function integrates the control systems of compatible devices connected via HDMI cable. This allows you to control your TV and set-top box with the same remote control, even without programming the universal remote. If the TV set to which the receiver is connected supports the HDMI-CEC function, turning on/off the receiver will automatically turn on the TV. This is another way to avoid the need for two remote controls. The HDMI-CEC function can take on brand names specific to a particular manufacturer of TV equipment, e.g: Anynet+ (Samsung), Aquos Link (Sharp), BRAVIA Link/Sync (Sony), CE-Link (Toschiba), EasyLink (Philips), SimpLink (LG), VieraLink (Panasonic).
The hotel mode is a function practically unheard of in DVB-T2 receivers that allows you to block the possibility of changing any parameters in the receiver's menu. When enabled, the user can only view the channel list, change the program, change the soundtrack and adjust the volume. All other functions remain locked and require a predefined password to change. This function is extremely useful in hotels, hospitals and other facilities where the receiver can be used by many people.

Signal receivers are equipped with unique for this kind of equipment functionality, allowing you to export and import channel lists from USB memory. This function is very simple and quick to use, but it is very useful when there is a large number of receivers with the same sequence of programs (different from the default one). This function is especially useful in hotels. Combined with the hotel mode function, it will ensure that the hotel information program will always be on the 1st position in the channel list.

The receiver also allows you to play multimedia such as: movies in different video formats, music, or photos. Multimedia can be played from an external USB storage device. Depending on the type of media selected in the receiver's menu, it will display only the media that you are interested in.

It is also possible to record programs and terrestrial TV programs "on the fly" or schedule recording with EPG with a possibility of playback later. The files are saved on an external memory carrier. When you schedule a recording, the receiver will automatically turn on to record the selected broadcast. Recorded files can be played back using the built-in player or e.g. on a PC.

Signal T2-MINI has a compact housing. This housing and a carefully designed integrated circuit prevent Signal T2-MINI from reaching temperatures that may pose a threat to its proper operation. This receiver compares excellently with other solutions with similar construction. Tests have shown that Signal T2-MINI (image on the right) heats up by approximately 10-15°C less than competitive solutions (image on the left). The tests were performed with the Hikvision DS-2TP23-10VM/W thermal imaging camera.

The tests performed showed that Signal receivers have a sensitive head and are able to receive even very weak signals. The declared sensitivity of 30 dBμV was confirmed in a test from the Kraków - Chorągwica transmitter. The receivers were able to correctly receive the signal on channel 22 with a power of 30.4 dBμV, MER 18.5 dB and BER 5x10^-3. Naturally, such signal parameters do not guarantee correct reception in every location and throughout the use of the receiver.
Operating a TV with the receiver remote control.
The receiver remote control has 5 programmable buttons: on/off, change signal source, volume. After programming remote control there is no need to use original TV remote control. This is possible on condition that the TV is controlled via infrared and not via Bluetooth.
The SIGNAL T2-MINI tuner supports HDMI CEC. To use this function, the tuner must be powered from the AC 230V network (A9940 power supply) and not from the TV's USB port. If the TV also supports HDMI CEC (and this function is enabled), turning the tuner on/off turns the TV on/off. The HDMI-CEC function may have trade names specific to a given RTV equipment manufacturer, e.g.: Anynet+ (Samsung), Aquos Link (Sharp), BRAVIA Link/Sync (Sony), CE-Link (Toschiba), EasyLink (Philips), SimpLink (LG), VieraLink (Panasonic).
Programming the remote control
  • Place the set-top remote control and the TV remote control in front of each other at a distance of 3-5cm.
  • Hold down the SET button on the decoder remote control for about 3 seconds. The TV Power LED on the remote control will glow red more intensively.
  • Press and release the teach button of the remote you want to program.
  • Press the button of the original remote control.
  • The SIGNAL receiver remote control will confirm the save signal by blinking the TV LED: one long blink followed by two quick blinks. Then the TV LED will light up steady.
  • Repeat for the other buttons you want to program.
  • When finished, press the SET button.
A remote control is available under code A9942, identical to the one sold with the receiver.

Ferguson AF-3318 SE DVB receiver (FTA)
Ferguson AF-3318 SE DVB receiver (FTA)


Tip produs Tuner TV
Semnal primit DVB-T/T2
Bandă funcționare MHz 174...230 (VHF), 470...862 (UHF)
priză intrare IEC conform PN-EN 6116902:2007
Decodare Video H.265/HEVC, H.264
Audio E-AC3, MPEG-2
Montare În spatele televizorului
Control TV Telecomandă programabilă + CEC
Producător SIGNAL
Model T2-MINI
Capăt DVB-T/T2 Da
Canale codificate Cititor de carduri CA Nu
Interfață CI/CI+ Nu
Rezoluția imaginii Full HD 1080p
Modul hotel Da
Import/Export lista de canale Da
Telecomanda programabila Da
Alimentare USB Da
Conectori Intrare MiniUSB, USB, ANT IN (conector IEC)
Ieșire HDMI, IR
Video HDMI
funcții internet Conexiune internet Nu
aplicații de internet Nu
HbbTV Nu
Servicii Upgrade firmware, Căutare automată a benzii, Instalare automată, Control parental, Teletext DVB și subtitrări, Selectarea componentelor audio, Modificarea formatului imaginii
Navigator de informații de serviciu Da (informații program + EPG)
Meniu în polonă Da
Specificațiile dispozitivului
Chipset Mstar7T10E
Memorie flash 4 GB
Alimentare antene Fără
Alimentare electrică Tensiune DCV 5
Curent A < 1
Consumul de energie Mod standby W < 1
funcționare W < 7
Dimensiuni mm 115 × 37 × 15
Greutate kg