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Terra's new TV/SAT signal distribution system is characterized by high quality and competitive price. The special features of the system are: compact dimensions of the devices allowing for convenient placing together with other elements of the system in TV cabinets, wide spectrum of devices for systems based on traditional multiswitches, dSCR/Unicable, as well as hybrid systems. The use of different versions of optical transmitters allows for the distribution of signals: DVB-T/T2 and satellite from two satellites in only 1 fiber.
The ORL302F E optical receiver A3141 allows the conversion of the optical signal coming from the OTF302 6F31 E A3031 or OTF302 6F55 E A3055 transmitter into an electrical signal. The signal is received from the optical transmitter via a passive fiber optic network and converted back to the original IF signal. The device contains 4 Legacy outputs, just like for a classic Fullband converter and DVB-T2, DAB, FM signals. In addition, the ORL302F E A3141 receiver is equipped with 2 F-connectors for connecting a dSCR-type multiswitch. Such receivers are often known as "virtual converters". These signals should be fed into a multiswitch with the appropriate number of outputs, and then already via coaxial cable to the subscriber outlets. Behind the receiver, it is possible to build more complex, multi-multiswitch systems.
The ORL302F E TERRA A3141 optical receiver is compatible with the following transmitters:
  • Optical transmitter OTF302 6F31 E A3031 for transmission at a wavelength of 1310 nm
  • Optical transmitter OTF302 6F55 E A3055 for transmission at a wavelength of 1550 nm
Key features:
  • wavelength 1100...1650 nm,
  • acceptable power level at the optical input -15...-5 dBm,
  • die-cast housing ensuring a high level of shielding – class A,
  • OLC – automatic control stabilizing the signal level,
  • LEDs on the housing for much easier configuration of the entire system,
  • DC power supply directly from the connected multiswitch or an external DC power supply 10...20 V, which is optional equipment.
DIPOL also offers optical receivers for building systems based on traditional multiswitches, dSCR/Unicable, as well as hybrid systems:
  • Optical receiver ORF202 E TERRA with Wideband output A3131
  • Optical receiver ORQ302 E TERRA with QUATRO + DVB-T2 output A3133
  • Optical receiver ORF302 E TERRA with Wideband + DVB-T2 output A3135
Customers can order any patch cords made to order with required terminating connectors. Please contact your sales assistant.
Diagram 1: Satellite TV (1 satellite position), terrestrial TV, radio. Point-to-point fiber.


Tip produs Receptor optic
Tipul semnalului TV/SAT
Producător TERRA
Intrare – semnal optic
Conector FC/UPC
lungime de undă nm 1100 – 1650
Nivel de putere de intrare dBm -15..-5
Ieșire – semnal RF
Conectori F
Tip ieșire TV+Radio 1 × FM/DAB+/DVB-T2
Bandă frecvențe FM/DAB+/DVB-T2 MHz 87.5-240/470-790
SAT MHz 290-2340, 950-2150
Impedanță Ohm 75
Return loss dB > 10
nivelul de ieșire dBµV 75 (DVB-T)
Alți parametri
Tensiunea de alimentare DCV 10 – 20
Consumul de energie W
Interval temperatură de funcționare °C -20...+50
Dimensiuni mm 149 × 89 × 26
Greutate kg