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Tub termocontractabil Contech Poly/Chem-Shrink PCS-RG59/6-20 [20 buc]
Cod: E9760
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32,76 Lei39,31 Lei0 %
Contech Poly/Chem-Shrink PCS is an innovative solution for protecting connections in all kinds of antenna and cable systems. Made of special material, the tubes applied on the connections shrink without any additional means (no need for torch, flame or heat gun). The biggest advantage is the fact that the whole process of shrinking lasts 24 hours and is practically independent of the ambient temperature (see the charts below). The connection protected by the tubing is completely water and moisture proof (the water absorption of the material is not more than 0.05%).
The E9760 tubing is designed for connections using RG-6 (e.g. E1230, E1015) or RG-59 (e.g. M5995) cables. The application is very simple - just pulling the tube over the cable and connector.
Distinguishing features
  • Convenience and ease of use,
  • Shrinking process begins immediately after the application,
  • No need for any tools,
  • Permanent protection - no risk of loosing or slipping,
  • Very wide operating temperature range: -55oC...+150oC,
  • High resistance to prolonged immersion in water and excellent immunity to UV radiation,
  • Applicable before or after mounting the connector.
The tubes have no adhesive, the sealing process is based on self-amalgamating properties. Before application, the protected cable should be dry and clean. The contraction occurs even at freezing temperatures, but above zero the completion of the shrinking process is quicker. In any case it does not exceed 24 hours. The final result is a uniform (without air or water bubbles) encapsulation tightly surrounding the cable and connector. It cannot be removed (if needed) without longitudinal incision. The tubes do not react with the protected surfaces, do not leave stains etc.
The tubing is sold in packages containing 20 pieces. The packaging is filled with a special liquid that guarantees one-year storage period. The container can be repeatedly opened and closed.
Length (before application) [mm]95
ValueTesting method
Ultimate tensile strength [psi]1800ASTM D-412
Max elongation [%]400ASTM D-412
Water absorption [%]< 0.05ASTM D-570
Dielectric strength [V/mm]800ASTM D-876
Operating temperature range [ºC]-55...+150MS-202C
Preţ fără TVAPreţ cu TVARabatValiditate  
32,76 Lei39,31 Lei0 %
Tub termocontractabil Contech Poly/Chem-Shrink PCS-RG59/6-20 [20 buc]
Cod: E9760
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