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Transmitter CATV optic TERRA mo418 4D31 (1x6dBm, 1310nm)
Cod: R82522
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Multiband Amplifier Terra ma400 (FM/VHF/UHF)
Multiband Amplifier Terra ma400 (FM/VHF/UHF)
Multiband Amplifier Terra ma400 (FM/VHF/UHF)
Views of the device
Multiband Amplifier Terra ma400 (FM/VHF/UHF)
The included accessories
Key features
  • For distribution of DVB-S/S2 (SAT IF) and TV signals (CATV, MATV)
  • Input frequency range: 47-2400 MHz
  • RF input with loop out
  • AGC mode
  • Max input level: 85 dBμV,
  • Manual gain control: 0...-15 dB (1 dB step)
  • Digitally controlled with front panel buttons
  • Two-position display
  • DIN rail or wall mounting
  • Connectors: 3x F-f (RF input/RF loop output and RF TEST), 1x SC/APC (optical).
The TERRA mo418 4D31 R82522 optical transmitter is used for transmission of television signals via optical medium. It converts input electrical signals within 47-2400 MHz range, fed with coaxial cable, into optical signal. The power of the optical signal is 6 dBm (4 mW), which is sufficient for feeding several to ten or so nodes (depending on the sensitivity of the receivers). In the case of a point-to-point link, the transmission distance can reach 40 km.
The R82522 transmitter operates at 1310 nm wavelength (2nd transmission window). It can be mounted separately on a wall, using the included accessories, or can be placed together with other devices on universal DIN rail R82538 (also in a RACK cabinet). The device is powered from a 12 VDC source with suitable current capacity (the current consumption is typically 0.35A). With more devices, the optimum power source is the dedicated power supply DR-60-12 R82532.
We also offer TERRA mo428 4D31 R82523 transmitter equipped with two independent 6 dBm optical outputs.
On request, there are available transmitters operating in the 3rd transmission window (1550 nm):
Namemo418 4D31mo428 4D31mo418 4D55mo428 4D55
Number of optical outputs
Output level [dBm]1x62x61x62x6
Wavelength [nm]1310131015501550
A great advantage of the device is the ability of integration with other pieces of equipment, such as:
The transmitter can be placed together with other devices on universal DIN rail, also in a RACK cabinet.
Application examples
Transmission of optical signals at 1310 nm and 1550 nm
via a single fiber, with distribution to four subnetworks
Reception and distribution of four DVB-T multiplexes via optical medium,
with redistribution to four subnetworks
Customers can order any patch cords made to order with required terminating connectors. Please contact your sales assistant.
Namemo418 4D31 mo428 4D31 
CodeR82522 R82523
Number of optical outputs
Output level of laser beam [dBm]  1x62x6
Wavelegth [nm]  1310 ± 10 
Laser type
Input frequency range (RF) [MHz]  47-2400
RF input level [dBμV]  70-85
Input impedance [Ω]  75
Gain adjustment [dB]  0...-15  (step 1)
AGC range [dB]± 5 
RF loop
Frequency range [dBμV]47-2400
Insertion loss [dB]< 1 
Frequency response variation  [dB]± 1.0 
Return loss  18 dB/40 MHz -1.5 dB/oct (47-950 MHz);
≥ 10 dB (up to 1750 MHz); ≥ 7 dB (up to 2400 MHz)
Intermodulation distortion (terr. TV)
CSO [dB]> 60
CTB [dB]> 62
C/N [dB]> 51
Preamp power supply
12 VDC / 0.4 A max
Supplying voltage [VDC] 12±1
Current consumption [A]0.35 max0.4 max
Operating temperature range [ºC]0...+50
Dimensions [mm]198x107.5x36
Weight [kg]0.9


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Transmitter CATV optic TERRA mo418 4D31 (1x6dBm, 1310nm)
Cod: R82522
George Popescu
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